What's in the Bottled Water, Then?


Not a very good start was it? 

Home defeats against Sutton and Bromley, a home draw against Fylde (after being two goals up), an away defeat against Halifax, an away win against Maidenhead and, by all accounts, a poor performance in the 0-0 draw against Chorley. It left Pools just above the relegation zone and it led us to think ‘Here we go again.’

Yet, it all came good with three wins on the trot and, at the time of writing, we’re level on points with the last play off place. I was tempted to think it was brought about by something in the bottled water. However, things have been coming together all at once. The defence (well marshalled by Michael Raynes) and Ben Killip are beginning to have confidence in each other and there is now a tendency to shoot on sight rather than trying to walk the ball into the net. The last three games have also seen virtually the same side taking the field – a sure sign of confidence. It all sets us up nicely for the televised game against Woking.

A shame that Luke Molyneux and Luke Williams are still sidelined. There was great expectation on the part of Poolies that both would be available to spearhead a successful start. However, we must all wonder whether Williams will ever take the field in a Pools shirt. Unfortunately, Molyneux’s injury was worse than originally feared - and it looks as though he’ll be out till Christmas/New Year.
"The last three games have also seen virtually the same side taking the field – a sure sign of confidence."

The problems which Bury have been having brought home the situation at Pools two years ago. Once again, it is the football authorities (in his case, the English Football League) who have singularly failed to supervise the affairs of their clubs. OK, people are approved as fit and proper persons to take over clubs but after that anything seemingly goes. We can only hope that the 71 clubs in the EFL approve Bury’s application to play in League Two next season. When Pools looked as though they might go out of business, supporters of other clubs chipped in with donations. Never heard of supporters of north west Premier League clubs doing the same. Of course, most Manchester United fans don’t live in the north west do they? The one thing we don’t want is the courts being involved. That might scare off the EFL clubs and enable Bury to take their place in the family of the smaller clubs.

There’s been a lot of discussion lately on the standard of refereeing and a pal of mine in Tasmania sent me a rather amusing article on an Aussie Rules football game. A spectator was ejected from the ground after calling the umpire “a bald headed flog” (translated from Aussie to English, the expression means “a bald headed w****r). I did tell my pal that if people were ejected from Pools for insulting referees then there’d be an empty ground. Within this context of our insult, there is a dictionary definition which describes such a person as “a worthless, contemptible person”. The last thing I heard was that the spectator was consulting his lawyer with a view to suing the Australian Football League – presumably for defamation. It gets better!

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