Sterling Performance

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY

Pools 2 Fylde 2 (National League)
Tuesday 13 August 2019
Victoria Park

I never really expected anything from this game especially after getting beat twice last season from Fylde and they proved to be a good side getting to the play offs last season. Ever the optimist I still predicted a 3-1 win for the home side. As I always do, one day I will get it right.

Two minutes forty-two seconds into the game and sheer delight as Toure collected a ball out wide left of the Rink end goal and hit a belter over the top and into the goal catching the top of the side netting. What a brilliant start it was. I criticised Hignetts set up last week and it looked as if he had it spot on today. Cunningham, Raines, Kerr, and Kitching with Featherstone and Donaldson and Noble in the middle and Mafuta backing up Muir and Toure up front.

We played some good football yet Fylde still looked a threat on the break and probably had the better chances in the first half yet we looked steady in defence and did not panic, just controlled them. Killip got caught up in his own net and struggled to get free and he was in a panic, not sure how the ref would see that? Do you let play go on or stop the game to free the keeper? As it happened he wriggled free with the visitors coming his way. Nico rounded off the first half and was so unlucky to see his belter bounce off the post.

Second half saw Pools sitting too deep and it looked as if we were trying to hold out which would have been madness against such a good footballing side like Fylde, Toure made one of the best runs we have seen in a game at Pools since “Adam was a lad” he took the ball out wide and danced his way through the Fylde defence and left the keeper for dead for his second goal of the game. The three one finish was on the cards. Or even a three nil. I know I should not mention the ref but the Ditchy started it, Kitching was chopped down and we know he has a gangly run but is very effective going forward, he was up-ended out on the line and the feller in the middle waived play on and it led to their first goal.
"this team of battlers held on and could have scored at least twice before the end if only they had had a touch of luck."

Hignett was booked shortly after and we presumed he had taken it up with the fourth official or possibly the Churchillian wave he made at the official may have had something to do with the booking. They scored another soon after and the Pools of old would have capitulated but this team of battlers held on and could have scored at least twice before the end if only they had had a touch of luck.

It was a sterling performance despite the two goals against considering Fylde are one of the favorites to go up. Bring on Bromley.

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