Weird Hair


In the days long before egomaniacs with weird hair like Boris Johnson and Donald Trump were trashing our ideas of the way public figures ought to behave, the world was a much simpler place ...until someone with weird hair and erratic behaviour came along about twenty years ago, someone who could well have been a role model for those two esteemed* gentlemen.

Now, in the first weeks of Boris Johnson's prime-ministership, it is instructive to read what was being said about the early days in the public eye of ...George Reynolds.

Twenty years on, we know that George's time in charge didn't go well either for him or for Darlo, and it would be interesting to know how people will view The Donald and Boris after two decades have passed.

* Esteemed by some though despised by others.

(This piece has lain in our files for a few years and we didn't know where it came from, but a bit of internet searching revealed it to be from from this month twenty years ago, and was from The Times, for which George Caulkin still writes on North-East football.)

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