The Bald Facts


It was great to hear that Pools are supporting minority groups. With the signing of Jason Kennedy Pools have their first balding, experienced midfield player in many a year. I think Paul Haig was the last follically-challenged midfielder that we have had.

Craig Wignett stated that Kennedy was keen to sign for Pools and that he is here for the long perm and won't be hair today and gone tomorrow, even though that is the case. Wignett added that Kennedy is a big strong lad who will brush his opponents aside and is head and shoulders the best midfielder at this level since Dan Druff.

At his previous club Kennedy was voted Player of the Year and was presented with a comb. In his acceptance speech he said he would never part with it. I guess it will become a family hairloom. He missed most of last season through injury due to a hair-line fracture.

(The words 'pot' and 'kettle' may come to the mind of anyone who has met this author - Ed.)

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