700 years ago, Robert the Bruce, grandson of Robert de Brus, Lord of Hartlepool, became King of Scotland and fought against the English for Scotland’s independence.

After losing one battle he had to hide in a cave for three months until a spider’s example made him realise that if at first you don’t succeed you should try, try and try again.

Which is what he did …subsequently sending the English packing!

700 years later, Geordie Bruce, possibly also a descendant of the Lord of Hartlepool, was offered a position as servant to the penny-pinching Lord of Newcastle, Michael de Ashley. This was to succeed Sir Rafa following his departure to the Orient (the real one, not the one darn sarf!)

Geordie went for a quiet think in his dusty shed and pondered on whether or not to take the position, knowing that getting money out of His Lordship would be next to impossible.

Then he looked up and saw a spider on its web in the corner and he was, like Robert the Bruce before him, inspired to tell himself (and the spider) that he would try, try and try again, and he would get more money out of His Lordship, and so he accepted the job anyway.

And the spider simply said “Pillock!”

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