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So, some of the non-performers have left, a lot of new players have arrived and Luke Williams has even played half an hour in a Pools shirt (scoring a goal) and we have a team that inspires confidence of a fruitful season to come.

Of course we have similar confidence every season at this time, and a few weeks later the doubts creep in.

Pre-season friendlies are little more than public kickabouts really. There are too many variables in there to conclude anything. The wholesale changes mid-match, the frequently mis-matched opposition, the large number of trialists who may never be seen again and the lack of competitive-match pressure all combine to render them useless as a clue to how things will go when the season starts. Yet we latch on to the 17 goals in the first three games and conveniently justify the sloppy goals conceded against better opposition because we "won't face that quality in our league".

However, this is what we Poolies (and probably all footy fans) do. Hope for better, but wear rose-coloured glasses.

So let's just enjoy the next few days and hope that they turn into enjoyable months, and especially an enjoyable April and, failing that, an enjoyable May.

I was in a park in Darlington a few weeks back and saw two people wearing football shirts, both of them Boro ones, and I felt annoyed on Darlo's behalf.

Could that be because Darlo are now irrelevant to Poolies and thus to be pitied rather than hated, or because we non-league clubs have common cause against league clubs (well, for now at least), or perhaps because Boro have always been one of the most boring clubs in the country, or could it just be because hating Boro is the natural order of things for Poolies?

Open Day 2019 at the Vic

The recent predicaments of Bolton Wanderers, Bury and Notts County will make fans of all clubs who have gone though what we did say "Not again", but at least the Football League seems to be doing something at long last. 

The problem is that businesses facing problems like those that Rover and BHS did, which no end of football clubs have also done, all need a fairly quick takeover to avoid liquidation, and time is never available for regulatory authorities to do thorough investigations, even if they have the resources to do so.

The reality is that people who really shouldn't be owners will probably always be able to exploit the desperation of the fans and owners of failing football clubs because investigation time is what they haven't got.

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