Love Thine Enemy

BILLY'S CONTRACT talks about Tactical Supporting

One of my pals is a massive Manchester United fan, albeit he is not grossly overweight.
Although he is no longer a season ticket holder (got priced out of the market) he has supported United all his life through thick and thin ...mainly thick it has got to be said, and travelled home and away as well as abroad to watch his beloved Reds. Times have changed for United who are not the force they were once were and sadly no longer pleasing to watch.

My friend naturally does not like their Manchester neighbours City, but of late he has mellowed somewhat towards them. Admittedly he was delighted when Tottenham knocked City out of the Champions' League but he was man enough to say that on current form City are the best team in Europe and on their day are probably the best team in the world. You could have knocked me over with a feather if he had uttered those words to me 4/5 years back.

Mind, the same lad also said if it wasn't for the money that has been invested in City they would not even be on the radar. Fair comment, but it had overtones of the kettle calling the pot black. This from someone whose team, even before the inception of the Premiership could buy any player they desired at a whim as they had so much cash they didn't know what to do with it. That was until Mr Roman Abramovich came onto the scene and from nowhere Chelsea started taking trophies from United. A few years later City with Middle Eastern backing also wanted to join the party and also began taking big slices out of United's cake. Suddenly the boot was on the other foot with United fans crying "foul" because it was no longer a level playing field.
"...if Borer and Leeds were in this season's playoff final, most right-minded people would want both teams to lose!"

Supporters of other clubs likened this to the Steve Davis syndrome, the snooker player who for years had won every trophy in sight. As brilliant as Davis's achievements were, the British Public got bored with the same old same old and felt that he had his day in the sun and now it was someone else's turn and were delighted when Dennis Taylor beat him in the World Snooker final in 1985. In footballing terms view Steve Davis as Manchester United and Dennis Taylor as Leicester City.

So overwhelming was my friend's dislike of Liverpool (he doesn't want them to eclipse United's trophy-winning record), that prior to kick off in the United v City game he sent me the following text:

C'mon City please please win!

Further texts followed (mine in italics) during the course of the game:

Would love to see you celebrate a City Goal.

Don't worry you will. City score. Get in!

Early days. If United score, City's bottoms will cave inSterling is an Oxygen thief - done nothing all game. Luke Shaw is fat and must have the biggest backside in the Premiership. 

I hope he gets sent off along with four other United players

Joking aside, United are poor and they need to get rid of at least 6 players including Pogba. 

Pogba has to go and Lukaku is a ******. 

He looks like an American footballer. Bring Fergie back!

City Score again. Get In. City for the title!

In one way I was quite shocked at his reasoning.Cheering for a club you don't like to stop another club that you don't like winning a trophy. How can a supporter want or hope that their team gets beaten no matter what the circumstances are, let alone against their derby team?

That would be a bit like me in a Pools v Darlington match shouting for the Loids to prevent Borer winning a trophy. Hmm, yes, let me think about this just for a minute. ...Yes, hands up, I can clearly see where my my mate is coming from on this one ...C'mon Darlo, C'mon Darlo, C'mon Darlo!!!

For instance who, dear reader, would you shout for? There is a strong possibility that this could happen: if Borer and Leeds were in this season's playoff final. Most right-minded people would want both teams to lose!

I rest my case.

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