Knights Galore Turn Up ...Unlike Pools

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY

Barrow 1 Pools 0 (National League)
Monday 22 April 2019
Holker Street

The annual away day fancy dress game turned sour on the 1207 Pools fans that made the trip to Barrow. Both teams on the same number of points most Pools fans were looking forward to a good result on this fine sunny day in Cumbria. There was some good points Pools helping the home team to their record home gate for a game as the home fans brought their family and friends to see the Poolie carnival. The journey took a couple of hours and we parked almost on the corner of the ground, plenty street parking and a decent size park behind the ground was also available for visiting fans.

One comment made to me was “we never expected this many. we usually only get about ten away fans for our home games. Another first could possibly be the largest number of St George impersonators in one place at the same time, the Guinness Book of records were informed but I think they would have to verify the numbers, although they did say there was a category and the record could be possible.

I took my trusty brownie with me and made my way to one of the pubs, the Owl and the Pussy Cat that was supposed to be hosting the away fans but was disappointed to find only about a dozen fans there. So another half mile trek down the road to a Wetherspoons, the Railway Inn, and it was bouncing with Knights and Ladies, [pics available] all getting prepared for the game. Feeling a bit peckish I decided to walk up to Greggs for a sarnie but doing so I missed the lads getting on the team bus from a hotel only a few doors down from the pub.

I eventually made my way to the ground, passing a statue of the Barrow / Liverpool and England Legend, the late Emlyn Hughes.

Arriving at the ground it was like the Billingham ground we are so familiar with. It crossed my mind the looking back to the old fourth division did we ever played Barrow? They have done very little to up grade since those heady days. The best you could say ‘it was a tidy little ground with a stand either side and a small club house and dressing rooms behind the goal.
"As you can see, I am avoiding writing anything about the football, simply because we never played any."

As you can see, I am avoiding writing anything about the football, simply because we never played any. From the off we were on the back foot as Barrow SIMPLY played over the top or round us and we did nowt. The only incident worth mentioning apart for the amount of chances they had and missed and the number of blocks and saves that Loach had to make, he alone saved us from a bloody good thrashing. 8-0 would not have been an unfair result. One moment of brilliance from Featherstone, yes THE Featherstone, the greatest turner of all time who usually gets it wrong, stepped in to challenge two players and I hope the TV got this but it was a touch of magic as he turned and came out with the ball leaving two players for dead.

Remember the lady ref we all praised at the Vic as the best ref we had seen all season, well she is either a homer or can only look one way in a game as at the Vic she looked in control and gave us at least fifty percent of the fifty-fifty decisions. Today she gave us bugger all and was really slack on time wasting by the home side, a ploy they carried out at Vic in the home game. We have to learn as a team to play to this division;s rules as we are too honest about the game and suffer for it.

The goal was a cracker - an overhead kick that Loach was nowhere near but it was taken very well when we were under a bit of pressure.

One bit of good news was that I got the front page on the Mail the following day with my pic of the chairman standing with the crowd on the terrace before the game. There is one on the Pools website made by A.N. Other but mine... (edited for boasting - Ed)

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