Bad Day at the Office

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY

Pools 0 Solihull Moors 1 (National League)
Saturday 6 April 2019
Victoria Park

Soliul, remember them -the whipping boys of last season that finished below a low-performing Pools, even though we shared the points for the season? The Soliul Moors team that turned up at the Vic today were a different kettle of fish.

This has to be the best team we have seen at the Vic all season. They simply battered us for forty-five minutes and could have been four or five up, but thanks to a sparkling performance by Loach who made some fantastic saves. The first of his great saves was a superb dive to push out a ball from a long range shot that deserved a goal.

The game looked like Loach V Soliul Moors as they played some fast slick football and we could not break out as they were first to every ball and every second ball we just could not live with the style and pace of the visitors, some fans going for an early pint thirty minutes into the game. It was a good thing that we have won a few points of late as the Ditchburn commented that the Pools of old or even earlier this season may have tossed the towel into the ring. To be fair we have a number of casualties and started the game with just four fit subs but the team did not look too bad but Anderson is a centre half not a full back and we missed Amos today.

"Just a bad day at the office you might say so I wonder what kind of office staff we will have next season."

Loach blocked a header and there was a hell of a scramble on the goal line for a loose ball but but a combination of keeper and defender managed to get the ball away and the Soliul attacker who was stood a yard from the line was denied the easiest chance he will ever get. My notes read, another great save, another tip over from Loach, a third tip away and “What a miss. Another save from Loach. This was the story of the first half an hour and Pools got one break in the half and Luke got free from his shackles and sent in a cross for Kebamba whose shot was blocked by the keeper and there was a great round of applause for Pools managing to get to half time with out conceding under extreme pressure.

Pools had to do better kicking towards the Town End and they looked a little sharper as they kept the ball down and played football. This was difficult in the first half as Pools saw very little of the ball. Credit has to be given to Luke for he never shirks and always always keeps pushing the side on, some poor passing from midfield and some heavy handed treatment combined to keep Pools out of the half in the first half but after the turn around they looked a little better and were turning defenders and putting a little uncertainty in the minds of the visitors, Both Noble and Luke had chances which doubled the tally of the first half. It was sods law that the Pools keeper Loach who was named M.O.M at the end of the game gifted the visitors with a goal just after the break and after a bit of pressure from the home side. Loach dropped a ball he should have taken then dropped it again giving the visitor’s who were far ore alert than Pools to chances shank the ball over the line.

The visitors were content to hold the lead and apart from the odd break when we lost the ball they orchestrated a series of delaying tactics, going down after tackle taking far too long for goal kicks and feigning head injuries that needed no treatment other than the physio to give them a drink. It is annoying especially when you are getting beat but to watch two or even three players take turn to walk up and take the throw in deserves a card and at least one was booked for time wasting. Just as well we are nearing the end of this up and down season as the Ditchburn is getting a bit anxious as he went walk about again today. Just a bad day at the office you might say so I wonder what kind of office staff we will have next season.

I heard some rumblings today about the fans backing the fans fund raiser as a back up but missed the gist of it, I just hope Raj and Co are not going to be a one hit wonder as there is quite a list of clubs possibly going to the wall at the end of this season and rumours have a habit of becoming fact.

The rumour mill says Hawkes off to Hull City and Kioso talking to another club.

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