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Pools ended the season as inconsistently as ever, with the last two games being respectively regarded as one of the worst and one of the best of the season. As on many occasions, and not necessarily just at Pools, managers seem at a loss to explain why such inconsistency occurs, assuming it's not always to do with the manager's interaction with the players.

We are always being told how footballers (like actors and other performers) respond to an appreciative/supportive audience. How then can you have 1100 fans travelling 110 miles across the country at considerable effort and expense to support their team and that team metaphorically fails to turn up?

Whether consistently bad or consistently good, at least you know where you are if you support Manchester City or Huddersfield, but this being consistently inconsistent is so infuriating.

No doubt Pools will have a clearout (and no doubt a smaller one that many fans would like), and in a few weeks we'll all be getting excited about their replacements, but no doubt we'll still have the same inconsistency.

This piece was spotted recently in the i newspaper by Shedrick:

Some pictures from the Salford game, provided by Running Monkey
On the left we see some Pools fans over from Dublin, two of whom were Anto and Gerry.
On the right are two Poolie stalwarts, Carl and Nathan Rowbotham

And finally a big thank you to all our readers and contributors, who, together have now completed 30 years of keeping an eye on Pools, Who would have guessed when that first photocopied edition came out in 1989 that it would be followed over the next thirty years by a further 179 editions spanning more than a quarter of the club's existence.

MB181 will be out on the Friday before the new season starts, but in the meantime we wish everyone a relaxing summer before the pulling-out of hair begins once again in August.
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