A Knight Out


 I told this lad that from where
I was stood it looked as if he was
carrying out some sort of deviant
medieval act which could lead
to a lengthy custodial sentence.
A memorable day was had by all when Pools fans dressed up as St. George and and made their crusade to the Holy Land aka Barrow.

I say a memorable day, as in many ways, on a smaller scale, it put me in mind of that brilliant day out in Cardiff for the play off final in 2005. It was sunny, it was funny, good banter on all sides with the police and the locals. Barrow fans as well as the locals  applauding us, beeping their horns and shaking our hands. The craic was mighty, the beer good, and er hmm, yes, Pools got beat. Every joke and pun concerning the dress code must have been used up several times on the day. 

I was talking to this Damsel in this dress. Having a Knight out?

The Pools defenders had a Knightmare!

What type of soap does a crusader use? Shield.

Q: How old do you think I am? A: Middle aged.

We did not have anything to eat in Wetherspoons as they did not have a cloak room or a round table.

Half time seemed to Dragon
Q:Did Royal Mail deliver your costume? A: No it came by Chain Mail.

Q:I have a boil on the back of my neck what should I do? A:Lance it

Q:How come your kid did not turn out? A: He was on Knight shift.

...and on and on it went and all this was just in our car alone.

However, the best was saved for last, which had nothing to do with the crusades or knights in or out of armour. We had a ten minute wander round the town looking for somewhere to grab a bite when my pal said that he was told beforehand that this place was a dump but in Furness, Barrow isn't too bad. Oh what a jester he is!

Match report: On the day almost twelve hundred Poolies turned up, Pity the players did not.

The Knights of Nik, literally crowd-funding Wetherspoons

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