One Step Forward and Another One Back


It is getting boring and predictable as we beat the high-fliers one week and lose to the pub team in the following game.

Losing to Eastleigh through three set pieces is ridiculous and mainly due to one person on the pitch and two off it. The big wobbling pink blancmange who appears to be glued to his line and afraid to come out for crosses is the main reason we lost and surely the time is up for him as Number One. The defence in front of him have no confidence in him and don't know what the hell he is going to do next. 6ft 4in tall with the heart of a dormouse. Get the young kid between the sticks for the remainder of the games and see if he is worth keeping for next season.

Of course the main culprits for the defeat are the coaches who picked the team. Messrs Hignett and McNamee in their infinite wisdom decide Xavi is a better bet in midfield than Hawkes or Holohan. Eh? Hawkes in a fertile patch of scoring left out in favour of a guy who has been a perennial loser in the five years he has been here. And couldn't hit a cow's arse with a banjo. You really couldn't make it up.
"The present squad needs cutting right back to a handful of players and some fresh blood being brought in who can play in this division"

Now Gary Coxall, who is universally accepted to know sweet Fanny Adams about football, twigged on that Hignett was not a football manager and gave him the heave-ho. After which there was not a queue of clubs lining up to take on our man as manager. But then something that has happened far too much over the years, the jobs-for-the-boys syndrome kicked in. Friends with the owner, he gets back in as director of football, a role created for him and which Pools certainly don't need as I have said from day one. And when they gave Bates, another Borer boy, enough rope he duly hanged himself. So Craig suddenly decides he wants to be a manager again with his mate and boss keen to give him another go.

Well there is no noticeable improvement in our league position and the defence looks ready to concede every time the opposition attack. Any criticism, constructive or otherwise is answered by what some of the fans know you could get on the back of a postage stamp. Most fans could tell him that Josh Hawkes is a better footballer than the little fat feller. Hignett is quoted in the local paper saying that he needs three or four players in the summer to get his squad up to scratch. If that is all the players he brings in we are for a long and miserable time in the National League.

The present squad needs cutting right back to a handful of players and some fresh blood being brought in who can play in this division. Some tall, hard men who can get about the pitch and show a bit of desire unlike the present time wasters. Michael Raynes looked ideal for this division until he got injured and I would like to see him brought back on a permanent basis.

Of course we have the unknown factor in Luke Williams who could get a couple of games in before the end of the season. He could be either troubled by injuries for the rest of his career or turn out to be our best midfielder since Jan Ove Pedersen. Let's hope it is the latter as he would be some player and eventually we might get a massive fee for him. Not like we got for teenager Luca Murphy, who left the club and then signed for Premiership Fulham. This was a move that nearly went through in January until the London club pulled out. I am not saying Fulham would do such a thing, but we have seen clubs in the past taking away young players for next to nothing. We have been done over too many times in the last five years for another bunch of shitehawks to come along and try it on. 

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