Boring March? No Way!


There were some who were saying that March was a boring month. No relegation dog fight and no financial worries to tax the mind. Just mid-table mediocrity. 
Yet, Pools served up some good performances at home but slipped up on the road. What about the Dover Athletic game? 2-0 down up to the 70th minute and there was a realisation that Pools were going down to yet another home defeat. But what happened then? Two penalties in three minutes and the winner in added time all made for a change of atmosphere.

As one guy said at the number 6 bus stop “Sixty eight minutes of pure crap and twenty two minutes of pure magic.” Come to think of it, if the forebodings about Brexit are correct and we have long tail backs of traffic into Dover then we might not be able to get there to play them next season. Given the drubbing that was inflicted on us by Barnet in the televised home game, getting the goalless draw down there was another creditable performance.

Overall, we have to be delighted at the form of Luke James – ok, he’s not scoring the goals but his work rate has been invaluable. By the way, did you know there was such a thing as an England C side?

We’re certainly tucking the penalties away this season. Even when the goalie got a hand to the ball against Wrexham, Josh Hawkes’ effort still crept over the line. But it wasn’t always so. At the start of the 2006/7 season, we had the opener against Swindon Town – and were awarded two penalties which were both saved by a Slovakian keeper who couldn’t speak English. (Only Denis Wise would come up with something like that!) The same month saw us appearing at the National Hockey Stadium against Dons. The result was a 0-0 draw but guess what – we missed a penalty.
"Overall, we have to be delighted at the form of Luke James"

A good April is in the offing. Home games against Solihull Moors, Halifax and Salford means we are playing two teams who are up for the play offs. How we perform against them will give Craig Hignett some idea of how his squad will shape up next season. And then the final away game against Barrow isn’t too far away for the fancy dress parade.

There is certainly a lot more confidence in the air and we can only hope that things work out well next season. The sale of season tickets should give us some idea of how Poolies see things.

Finally, something not entirely relevant to footie. On the afternoon of Friday, 29th March, wifey and me went to see a song and dance show at Billingham Forum Theatre – Remembering the Movies. The dancing was out of this world and so much effort was put into it. It was exhausting just watching it and at the end of the show, I remarked to wifey that when highly paid bog standard Premier League players complain about being tired playing three games a week then they should be made to watch the show. Not only did they have to do one two-hour show in one day but two. It brought things into perspective.

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