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Pools, as usual, continue to be a Jekyll-and-Hyde team, turning in good performances separated by stinkers! At least, barring a miracle or a points deduction (and don't forget that Birmingham got one last month), Pools appear to be safe with more games left than has been usual in recent seasons.

It's not really been a good season for any of the North-East clubs. Newcastle seem to have survived without ever showing much ability to do more than that. Boro are making a late bid to stay in the Championship rather than finish in the playoffs. Sunderland still have a chance of automatic promotion but the playoffs seem to be their more likely fate, and they missed out in their Wembley cup final against potential playoff rivals. Pools are bumbling along in lower mid table and poor old cash-strapped Darlo are in a relegation fight while Spennymoor Town seem to be trying to take their place in the North-East pecking order.

Just as the North-East is the poor end of the country financially, it's also destined to be the same football-wise. Or are the two in fact related and to be expected?

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