Managing in a Direct Way


They say you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear and the three managers who have graced Victoria Park this season can verify this.

A bunch of serial under-achievers are coasting along in mid-table in a league we should be walking away with. All hopes of a quick return to the Football League have long since gone down the toilet. We now have Hignett back in the hot seat despite previously claiming he did not want the job. But why would Pools or any National League side need a director of football. Even Manchester United have not got one.
"A bunch of serial under-achievers are coasting along in mid-table in a league we should be walking away with."

Hignett hardly endeared himself to the long-suffering Pools fans when he took over by claiming what they knew about football you could get on the back of a postage stamp. And then proceeded to make Xavi a regular in his team, bigging him up in the process. This put a huge question mark over Hignett's football knowledge. The Mill House elite know a crap midfielder when they see one, having had to watch a succession of them over the years and believe me the little Fat Fella is a crap midfielder. This might have been an attempt at Scouse humour from Craig but he is no John Bishop.

Hignett should try driving more slowly in his car and forget about postage stamps and put his effort into beating rubbish teams like Bromley at home. It is good to see Antony Sweeney being bought into the first team coaching picture as he is Pools through and through and a talented coach in the making.

Talking of coaches it would be nice to know what goalkeeping coach Ross Turnbull does during the week. When Scott Loach joined the club 18 months ago he was arguably the best keeper in the National League. This season he is a liability. Won't come for crosses, 6ft 4in and can't jump so what has Turnbull done to him. With Dimi Konstantopoulos due to be released from the Borer at the end of the season it would make sense to sign him on and release Loach and Turnbull. Dimi certainly would not need any coaching from any of that lot at the Vic.

With time approaching to sort out the retained list for next season it is to be hoped it is a proper clear out and not just five or six players going and some staying because they will accept lower wages. There will be a flood of players up for grabs in the summer and I would say 50% of them will be better than we have at Pools.

For the record the players I would keep are Peter Kioso, Liam Noble, Luke James, Josh Hawkes and I would also sign loan men Michael Raynes and Nicke Kabamba, and possibly a couple of promising youngsters like Luka Murphy and Josh Scott, before any other club can get them off us for a song.

The price for the upcoming game against Wrexham has been reduced to £10 for adults, and not before time. Charging on-the-day punters £20 to watch the shite that is on show is daylight robbery. I have seen more effort put in by players on the Rec than by some of the bozos wearing a Pools shirt.

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