Just Not Good Enough

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY

Pools 1 Bromley 2 (National League)
Saturday 23 February 2019
Victoria Park

After a run of four unbeaten games, hope springs eternal as we take on Bromley who are just above us in the division. With a depleted squad Hignett had to switch the team but today we were just not good enough and the visitors just rolled us over making us look a pretty weak side. 

As the Ditchburn Poolie said: "We struggle against sides who bully us and today we never looked like threatening them at all."

We tried to play football but it kept breaking down as the visitors look as if they play a ten-man defence and break quick but it was more than that as they controlled the game and never let go. The first goal came from a foul through but like so many of the officials in the division they seem to run on a different set of rules to normal football and the sad thing is we have never learned the lesson yet. It looks as if the man in the middle will do his own thing and take no notice of his linesmen so they do not look for any misdemeanors such as the ball going out of play and the players taking throw ins with one foot on the pitch. Ok a poor excuse but it did lead to the first goal.

The second goal was a beauty and even the disappointed Pools fans applauded it. Coulson broke through the Pools back line to take a great ball over his shoulder and very smartly lobbed Loach who had no chance to reach the ball and they were two up going into the break.

Late in the second half Pools finally managed to put a bit of pressure on the visitors but it was still a struggle to get clean ball around their goal. Noble, who did nothing all day, managed to lob their keeper but it was too little too late as the visitors claimed the points.
"...some of the officials in this division do not like coming to Hartlepool. Well, I have got news for them: we don’t like them coming here either!"

It has to be said today's referee, whoever he is, was totally biased against the home side. It may sound like sour grapes but this feller was blatant throughout the game, giving the visitors so much leeway in tackles and man-handling yet the instant a Pools player put a foot wrong he clamped down on them in an instant. It was so bad that it was comical to watch. Two regular lady fans walking out with twenty minutes to go said “I am not watching this ******* so-called referee any longer.”

Three players were booked; even Hignett was booked in the last ten minutes. The visitors' number nine, chasing a ball in the first couple of minutes, bundled Kioso into the fencing at the Town End and it could have been classed as dangerous play and he was not even spoken too. This gave him licence to go for anyone on the pitch; in fact the ref did speak to him after he chopped Kabamba down on the wing and the ref pointed out three other offences around the pitch before letting him walk away without a card. He went to book a player for diving and even gave us a free kick then changed his mind and gave it the other way and booked Kabamba for a foul.

It turns out he was the same ref who turned down Pools' penalty claim back in October when Davies was brought down in the box in front of the Town End and he waved play on. I had heard before that some of the officials in this division do not like coming to Hartlepool. Well, I have got news for them: we don’t like them coming here either!

One punter said as he was leaving and I will give you a quote: “He was not a bad ref - he was totally incompetent."

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