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Well, another up-and-down month as Pools start to look a different side, get an improbable 4-0 away win, and then return to looking like the same side again.

Ok, so that's nothing unusual for Pools, but with it coming just at the moment when the playoffs were still just about reachable with luck, we had a couple of weeks of excitement before that dream fizzled out. So now the loss of momentum, plus an injury/suspension crisis, means that we could yet again be fighting relegation.

As if life wasn't tedious enough with Brexit!

At the Bromley match we were looking round the ground for things of interest (Pools' performance wasn't riveting) and noticed this ad on the Mill House touchline.

It seems to be well endowed with apostrophes but we couldn't work out how many were surplus to requirements (although one definitely is!) So we looked it up online and it would seem that while historically "Cameron's Taxis" would have been grammatically correct, in modern usage that or "Camerons Taxis" would both be acceptable. The brewery does without the apostrophe.

Anyone who was unaware of the health issues causing Trevor Carson to miss much of the season at Motherwell may be interested to read his story here

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