Managing to Make Us a Laughing Stock


Just when things were appearing to get back to normal at the Super Six Stadium we have a couple of weeks when it turns into Russ Abbot's Mad House.

We have a manager who has come and gone to be replaced by a Director of Football who didn't want to be manager a few weeks ago. The manager threatening to go upstairs in a job switch but thankfully walking away from the club. He should not have had the option, As soon as we realised he was not fit for purpose and he was going around telling everybody he did not want to be here he just have had a size 10 up his arris and sent on his way,

Of course this would be admitting we had made another piss-poor managerial appointment but there again the whole world knows that. I am sure Raj Singh has the good of the club at heart but he is presiding over a complete shambles.
"The four new signings look promising, especially the striker Nicke Kabamba, who is what we have been looking for all season."

Most of the football world would have got the message if they had bothered to watch the televised game at Harrogate. Now if ten years ago someone had told you we would be playing Harrogate in a league match you would have said they were having a laugh. But no, we took them on with the hosts in a higher league position than us and we were a complete embarrassment.

What we did see was Xavi, wearing the captain's armband. put in the worst midfield performance ever from a player in a Hartlepool shirt. For their second goal he tried to set up their attacker for a strike on goal and his second attempt in our own penalty area was hammered into our net before the keeper could move. The fat lad was immediately substituted but for the next game he retained his place in our non-existent midfield, which simply beggars belief.

Paddy McLaughlin is sent out on loan to York, while Conor Newton and Lewis Hawkins have been deemed surplus to requirements and can go to anybody who wants them. Don't expect a queue outside the ground then.

The four new signings look promising, especially the striker Nicke Kabamba, who is what we have been looking for all season. We need to sign him up to a permanent deal before we lose him. The centre-back Michael Raynes is a massive player for this division, a huge improvement on Carl Magnay and Myles Anderson, neither of whom is up to standard .A massive cull of these mediocre players is needed and it will be interesting to see who does it.

It is still unclear whether Craig Hignett is going to be a long-term appointment as manager or whether a new man will be brought in with Hignett reverting to his director of football role. Although what a National League team needs a director of football for is unclear. We are Hartlepool not bloody Liverpool as Tommy Widdrington used to say. The last time Hartlepool appointed one was when Kenneth Hodcroft went for a Director of Sport. And gave us a bozo who couldn't direct his own piss down a urinal.

If we were looking to appoint a permanent new manage,r Darrell Clarke is still looking for a job. This is s guy who has taken teams out of the National League and Division Two. Someone with a love of Pools who would relish the challenge and not be a bit reluctant to take on the job as the present incumbent appears to be.

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