Should Have Been 3 Points

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY

Pools 1 Havant & Waterlooville 1 (National League)
Saturday 22 December 2018
Victoria Park

I really must get a letter off to the Council about that bloody awful request crossing on Marina Way. It is becoming monotonous now. Every trip to the Vic I find myself being hampered by pedestrians wanting to cross the road. Ok, people have to cross the road but do they have to do it in bloody dribs and drabs? Why can’t they form an orderly queue of say 100 people then they can halt all the traffic in the town and cross together.

Today I was at the BALLS roundabout and I was sitting in two jam-packed lanes of traffic, sitting wasting precious fuel as some clown presses a button on a crossing nearly a mile away halting a thousand cars because he wants to cross the road. Once he has crossed his mate will walk up behind him and do the same bloody trick. It has to stop NOW!

Because I was held up in traffic I was six minutes late for the match. We could have been four goals up and the game already over in that time. As it happens I had missed nowt but that is not the point; I could have missed four goals from Pools and video is just not the same as being there is it?

Richard Money opening his account at the Vic with a decent crowd there to see it. Twenty-four fans made the journey from Havant in three Porsches and a Range Rover. Ok, I am being facetious but it has been that kind of day. "Money made changes” as he brought Noble, James and Davies back and Dinanga was not even on the bench. he recalled Hawkins from York and is recalling Cassidy from Maidenhead so he's probably looking at all his options in time for the January transfer roundabout.
"we have to be glad of a point although once again it could and should have been three"

The game started at a good pace with both teams having chances but the move for the opener for the visitors was excellent football. A one-two between a couple of players found an attacker out wide of the box; he advanced towards the box where the Pools defenders became spectators as he hit a wonderful low shot past Loach that hit the far post and rolled in past the keeper who had no chance of stopping it. Noble got the equaliser as Pools stepped up their efforts and he nicked the ball in the box and again a low shot this time past their keeper.

I know I say it every week but Luke James takes some stick and never gets any cover from the ref; it was sixty minutes into the game before he was given a free kick as the persistent centre half clattered him again on the edge of the box. All through the game the visitors conned the ref with their tactics of jumping into a man and then rolling in agony and the official fell for it time after time. I can honestly say that every Havant player went down during the game and called for a physio at least twice, in fact one of my pics shows two of them down together. If that is the team that Lee Bradbury has put together then I am so glad he was overlooked by Pools for the job.

Some good performances today, especially from Magnay, James and Kitching, and in the latter stages Donaldson was very lively but it has to be said that for long periods, especially in the second half, Pools were second best. And as soon as Pools looked to be getting in their stride and threatening, the visitors' spoiling tactics came into their game.

The lack of taking chances must worry the new manager as Muir could have had four in the second half alone if he could have got a decent shot off.

Hawkes, who came on for Featherstone, had the best effort of the game when he smashed a shot from the edge of the box that the keeper dropped; unfortunately there was not a Pools player close enough to capitalise on the dropped ball.

The six minutes added on for the injured or dying Havant players just in the second half and four minutes in the first made the Vic look like a scene from M-A-S-H, with the yellow bodies lying all over the place but we have to be glad of a point although once again it could and should have been three.

Pools: Loach, Magnay, Rodgers (Richardson 46), Davies, Kitching, Featherstone (Hawkes 73), McLaughlin, Noble, Donaldson, Muir, James (Newton 81)

Subs Not Used: Hawkins, Anderson

Havant & Waterlooville: Dudzinski, Strugnell, Williams, Stock (Hall 44), Harris, Lewis (Tarbuck 46), Kabamba, Robinson, Rutherford (Wood 54), Cordner, Frost.

Subs Not Used: Woodford, Bradley.

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