New Hope for 2019?


The fact that we beat Gateshead on New Year’s Day must inspire some confidence. 

Holding on to a 2-1 lead proved that better times might be ahead. You were left with the thought that Pools couldn’t be trusted to take a dog out for a walk - they’d lose the bloody lead! Things might be moving forward under Richard Money’s stewardship. Already, Marcus Dinanga and Tyrone O’Neill have gone back to their parent clubs and Jake Cassidy’s return might suggest a more attack-minded approach. His return may help Niko Muir and Luke James who, unfortunately, have been victims of the long-ball strategy. We’ve also suffered from injuries and suspensions - hopefully, we won’t get too many of these.

January is the more difficult of the two transfer windows and options for new blood may be limited. However, Richard Money may have wider contacts than Middlesbrough (!) and this should be of some benefit to us. There’s always a chance that we could obtain the services of more experienced League Two players – possibly a better option than young players from academies.
"Richard Money may have wider contacts than Middlesbrough (!) and this should be of some benefit to us."

The game against Havant and Waterlooville was a strange affair. It seemed that their manager, Lee Bradbury, was a cert for the Pools job but a change of mind saw him stay with the southern club. It was a game where I thought there was a genuine atmosphere amongst Poolies – after all, they didn’t have much competition from the visitors’ supporters which totalled 20. Some comment was made on social media about the tactics of H & W players going down injured on a regular basis. Yet, two stoppages were for head injuries – and another injury resulted in the stretcher being called. Always a difficult call – but referees are under an obligation to treat head injuries seriously. We shouldn’t have it otherwise.

Next week sees the FA Trophy game against Telford. I know some Poolies see this as an unwanted distraction from the serious stuff but it’s a competition that can create momentum. I guess there won’t be many there for the match but it might lead to bigger things – even an appearance at Wembley.

Haven’t seen many complaints about referees lately. Maybe it’s the number of penalties we’re getting! Still, Liam Noble is hitting the net with them on a regular basis. They all count!!

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