Money Talks


At last, we can see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel as new manager Richard Money starts to organise the rabble he has inherited.

After the mess his two predecessors, Dumb and Dumber, left the club in, he starting to rectify the problems and organise a system that can see us winning matches rather than being happy with a draw, home or away.

We now have a manager who has achieved success in his career and is not the cheap option or a rookie given a chance with no qualifications to do so. I welcomed the decision to get rid of Matthew Bates who could count himself very lucky to get the job in the first place. As a player he was known as Sicknote for ruling himself out of playing then decided he had had enough and would rather do a bit of coaching and as he was still under contract he was allowed to do so.

I heard a few stories of how he kept us up last season although how I remember it the season before he had two games and needed a draw and a win to keep us in the Football League. When we lost at the mighty Cheltenham the game was up although we won the final game at home to already-promoted Doncaster.

Never a leader of men or managerial material that led from the front, we now have a proper football man who has been having a good look at all the players at his disposal to see if there is anything he can salvage from the carnage. I must admit I had a surprise when in his first match he included Xavi and even made him captain. Although it appears he quickly realised what we all know that the little fat feller is a liability.

With an injury crisis on New Year's Day he was back in the team hopefully for a very short stay. Another one of the master tactician Bates's big decisions was to loan out our main striker to one of our rivals and not replace him. And then wonder for the next few months why we were unable to buy a goal.
"We now have a manager who has achieved success in his career and is not the cheap option or a rookie given a chance with no qualifications to do so."

Thankfully Mr Money has recalled Jake Cassidy and playing him in the right formation with some proper service might see him come good because he has scored goals earlier in his career.

Mr Money must have found out how unfit and overweight some of our players are and how they run out of steam in the last 20 minutes against part-time players.

And if he has been watching DVDs of our matches he will have seen how Scott Loach has gone from being a half decent goalkeeper to someone who is throwing goals in for fun. Which begs the question: What is the goalkeeping coach doing all week?

If our manager can get a few players in during the transfer window and hopefully ship out some of the dross there could be a bright finish to the season. We could do with a creative midfielder, a winger and another striker. Maybe a young full back on loan depending on how many we can move on. Dimi Konstantpoulos and Luke Armstrong from the Borer -  about time they lent us someone decent.

We will have to hope Andrew Davies can stay fit because he is a big player for us in defence and we don't want him to be as unreliable as Bates was, although I would always keep him on. Someone who can put Scott Brown in his place at Parkhead has to be admired.

Realistically the job will take longer than this season and after all the managerial changes we must now stick with Mr Money even if we have some bad results as he represents our best chance of success.

I definitely think we have the right owner and the right manager and that we have reached our lowest point and are now most definitely on the rise with plenty to look forward to.

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