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First of all, a Happy New Year to all our readers. Well, as others point out, Richard Money has started out shaking things up fairly quickly so Pools-wise at least things are looking up.

Some people complaining that he should have assessed his squad in practice matches rather than risking league points, but in a few weeks he does seem to be making a difference, and encouraging a Pools style of football.

With Pools about ten points away from both where we want to be and where we don't, it's still all to play for. Realistically, ending up where we now are is probably all we can expect, but the picture is suddenly looking a bit rosier and it's good to dream!

We were saddened to hear of the death at the age of 92 of Tommy Johnson, Pools' physio in the 1960s and 70s, who then went on to Middlesbrough. He played for Middlesbrough a few times immediately after the Second World War and after retiring from playing spent 25 years with bucket and sponge at Pools under various managers, before returning to the Boro for 10 more years.

Wallace and Gromit found this in Stuart Maconie's book "Pies and Prejudice". It was probably only sent in to us to wind up the Poolie-folkie Bizz editor, but it does capture the spirit of towns like ours.

And now, some extra bits and pieces from Billy's Contract:

Last couple of weeks Scott Loach seems to have taken a step backwards. All the usual stuff everyone on the terraces is familiar with. Not coming off his line or dominating his box; punching the ball out instead of catching it and parrying shots back into play when many of them could be held. To that end I think that one of Richard Money's first signings in the backroom department should be a goalkeeping coach for the ...mmmm goalkeeping coach.

I was staggered to hear on the radio today that Pools had only won six home matches at the Vic in 2018. Can't be true, I thought that must be wrong as I recall seeing quite a few wins but when I checked they were all away from home. At least 2019 has seen us get off to a good start.

OBE (Oh, Bloody England)
I like Gareth Southgate. A very good footballer in his day Well spoken, intelligent, well mannered, respectful and comes over as a bit of a gent. The type of chap you would like your daughter to marry ...provided of course that the current Mrs. Southgate does not object. He looks, where many have failed, to be getting to grips with and raising the profile of the England football team to another level, to the point that former disenchanted fans are starting to take an interest in the national side once more.

What I am unable to grasp is why he was awarded an OBE in the Queen's New Year honours list in the first place - he has won nowt. Admittedly England did better than many people expected in the last World Cup but they tended to bumble along, stumbling into the quarters whilst at the same time not setting the World Cup alight.

Now if he was awarded the gong for giving West Ham's brilliant young midfielder Declan Rice his first England Cap before he commits to the Irish Republic, or if the award was for doing for the waistcoat industry what Lady Diana did for the millinery (hats to you and me) trade, well fair play to him, but not for under-achieving.

Late inclusion taken from Tuesday night's ...sorry, Tuesday morning's Hartlepool Mail:

“Harvey Rodgers called in this morning and told me he felt his thigh, so we had to frantically change the thinking before kick off which was far from ideal.
“Newton was another who felt his thigh in training on Monday.
“We will wait and see on those players.”

All I can say is thank goodness that the players in question are hopefully only feeling their thighs and not their groins otherwise this article could be explosive. Perhaps we should get these players to the rehab centre in Little Fondling.

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