Not Much Cop


The BBC National News recently carried a disturbing feature on the policing levels in Hartlepool, highlighting the fact that it only has ten officers on patrol at any given time on an evening for a town that has a population of 92,000 inhabitants.

Like much else in Hartlepool, whether it be the hospital or the coroner's offices, everything seems to be closing down and moving over to Teesside. The prison cells in Hartlepool are now being made redundant and any arresting officer now has to travel 16 miles to drop their captive (lowlife or scumbag) in the cells at Middlesbrough police station, which could mean that, depending on circumstances, no police officers at all could be on the streets of Hartlepool.
"Where have all the bobbies gone? Chasing motorists? Austerity cuts? No."

Where have all the bobbies gone? Chasing motorists? Austerity cuts? No. I counted twelve of them in the Rink End watching the Gillingham match along with three big vans parked outside the ground the other week. I felt like writing to the BBC, as well as the national press who also took up this story, to complain and tell them where they all were.

Joking aside, I know the police have a hard old time of it. But even if this is an overtime jolly for them, which the club is paying for, and if nothing much is happening on the terraces they should be made to go out on patrol. After all, Church Street is only a few hundred yards from the ground and the exercise would do a few of them the world of good, whilst at the same time protecting the good citizens of Hartlepool from the ne-er do wells of the town.

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