Pools v Barnet - as Exposed on TV

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY

Pools 1 Barnet 3 (National League)
Saturday 18 November 2018
Victoria Park

Not for the first time, Pools never turned up for a televised game.

I, like a lot of Pools fans, was so fed up by the lack of commitment from the team that it took me till Sunday to get over it.

Once again we take an early lead and think the job is done. Two gifted goals for the visitors saw the heads of both the Pools players and the fans drop as the visitors turned up the volume.

Virtually a free header from the tallest man on the pitch and then the normally steady Kioso did an impression of a Featherstone turn and was robbed of the ball by their striker, who had a free run on the goal from twenty yards out.
"silly bookings with a limited squad like ours will have dire implications."

Anderson repeated the Featherstone trick and the visitors ran out three one winners. We never really got a look in in the second half and it was mentioned by the Ditchy that the lack of discipline in the team in previous games where both Davies and Magnay were out through suspension cost us dearly.

It proves the point that silly bookings with a limited squad like ours will have dire implications. Still, we all had a cup game to look forward too.

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