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The season started unexpectedly well in the circumstances, given the warnings that this would probably be a season of consolidation, and perhaps we were spoiled a bit.

But then things started to go awry and it became fairly inevitable that Bates might have to go, given the effect the results were having on the attendances. Some have said that Pools should persevere with managers, when they inevitably hit a bad patch but with the retail industry (of which Pools, as well as pubs and shops, is a part) struggling to get people to spend their money, it can be very much a matter of survival if you irritate your customer base for a couple of months.

One thing of note has been Craig Hignett's disinterest in the Pools managerial vacancy, although he states that he would like to go back into management at some point, but not at the Vic. Presumably he thinks that the sacking of any manager by a Conference-level club (Bates for example), will be the kiss of death for his managerial career at any higher level, so Craig would rather not risk it. Given the way he single-handedly turned a victory over Dagenham into a last-minute defeat, perhaps he's right.

A rather sad coincidence. The Pools coach cartoon on the previous page was drawn and ready to upload when we learned that Peter Boizot, the founder of Pizza Express, had died on December 5th at the age of 89. Not only did he do much to popularize pizzas and pizza restaurants, but he was very attached to his home town of Peterborough and in 1997 became the owner of Peterborough United.

A pessimistic Poolie meets an optimistic Poolie and says "I've asked Santa for snow for Christmas so we won't drop any points." The optimistic Poolie replies "I've asked him for a pair of winter draws." [submitted by Shedrick]

Magpies Flee the Nest In a protest against Mike Ashley's eleven-year ownership of Newcastle United, a fans group asked supporters not to take their seats for the match against West Ham at St. James Park until the eleventh minute. Call it perfect timing by the organisers, as West Ham scored their opening goal bang on the eleventh minute. The Geordies, God love them, obviously did not fully get to grips with this protest as most of them had left the ground ...eleven minutes from time! [submitted by Billy's Contract]

And finally, the Festive Season is almost upon us, which will include two local derbies with Gateshead, and probably too much turkey and not enough exercise!

So we'd like to wish all at Pools, all our readers and all Poolies wherever they are a happy time over the next few weeks and best wishes for 2019.

It remains to be seen whether we'll find ourselves happier with Pools' progress than we've been lately.