Awkward Poolies


Hartlepool fans and Hartlepool people are a close-knit and distinct community who take madcap causes to heart.

In May 2002 they elected H'Angus to be mayor of Hartlepool - a man in a monkey suit!

And a year later when Mike Newell's loss of a 14 point lead let Rushden and Diamonds snatch away Pools' first-ever league championship, it was possibly the reason Newell's contract wasn't renewed despite Pools gaining promotion. That failure was more memorable for Poolies than the promotion, and they saw their chance of retribution fairly soon afterwards in the bizarre goings-on at Luton as described in this Guardian article.

However that completely omits the fact that many votes cast for Mike Newell were in fact cast by Poolies (orchestrated by members of a Pools internet message board) in an attempt to give him the poisoned-chalice Luton job as an act of revenge. To be fair to Newell, he did a pretty good job of it for a few years, so the idea backfired somewhat.

Then in 2005 they shelled out their three quids in thousands to get the Poolie Pride CD into the BBC Top 30 chart.

And in 2016 they were asked by a Tory Prime Minister to vote for the option he wanted in the Brexit referendum, so the Hartlepool result was by now highly predictable.

Whatever will they ...we ...get up to next?

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