Any Other Business


At the Boreham Wood game, Running Monkey spotted a little lad holding up this placard. He asked Dave King about him and here's what he was told:

"His name's Leo, mate. Obsessed with Pools, even more than I ever was.

"Last year when it was all looking a bit bad I tried to explain what it all meant and ultimately what it might mean - no more Pools. I have honestly never seen a kid so devastated.

"He went on and on and on about raising money to save them so we managed to organise it for him to run once around the pitch. He ended up going round twice because he thought he'd make more money, bless him! He'd already raised £800! Not bad for a six year old!!"

And he got his gloves!

Well done Leo, you'll go far!

This headline appeared on the Hartlepool Mail website (and presumably in the Mail itself ) on the day Pools played at Wrexham - the day that one Pools player did just the opposite of what Andrew was suggesting they'd do.

And who was the recipient of that straight red card? It was none other than Andrew Davies himself. We bet he (quite rightly) got some stick for both the sending-off and the headline.

The unexpectedly good start to the season has mellowed into a so-so middle and by comparison it may be disappointing but we still have to accept that we're still here and having a team we're proud of, disappointed with or even hate looked to be an impossible dream a few months back.

Pools' fightback with ten men at Wrexham has been praised, and that perhaps has thrown up some new options. The sending-off of Andrew Davies also probably means a return for Myles Anderson, who has covered well for Davies's absences so far. He may not score as many goals but he's less likely to get sent off, and a sending-off, especially in the first half, is a huge handicap to any team.