Matt Finish - Too Dull!


While some supporters may be happy with eighth place in the table after all our recent troubles, in all honesty we should be doing a lot better. With a full-time squad, parachute payment and some talented players to pick from, we should be in the top two all season long. 

I said before the start of the season I had my doubts about Matthew Bates but I have no doubts now. He is not up to the job and will never get us promotion. He is a one-trick pony, tactically inept, no Plan B, and with the same defensive outlook as his predecessor. In short, he hasn't got a scooby.

The quality of football is abysmal with the hoofball and if we get a goal try and hang on to it at all costs. The trouble is we can't and the number of points we have thrown away at the death is beyond a joke. And it is not good teams that are doing it. The Braintrees, Ebbsfleets, Harrogates and Aldershots are coming to the Vic and are happy to go away with a point. We have two strikers who don't play as strikers and are more like wingers with no one in the middle.

One striker we brought in, Luke James, has one goal to his name and doesn't remotely look like adding to it. He may buzz around like a blue-arsed fly but there is no end product. But this is no surprise as we all knew his scoring record before we signed him. One of our four strikers, Jake Cassidy, was shipped out on loan with no replacement brought in for him. Of course the first match he is gone Niko Muir gets injured after 18 minutes and has to go off and then is made to play the following game against Aldershot when clearly unfit and didn't last the full game. That he scored a nice goal is credit to the player who will be a good footballer if played as a central striker with a big target man alongside him. Someone like Shola Ameobi who is looking for a club and would do as great job for us till the end of the season. Either that or spring Adam Johnson from jail and get him up front. But the negative way Bates has up set up means that at the moment our goals will be few and far between.

"the negative way Bates has up set up means that at the moment our goals will be few and far between"
Indeed our midfield three included our perennial failures Woods and Xavi and no place for new signing Paddy McLoughlin. And we have an attacking midfielder Ryan Donaldson out of position at right wing back. Even Liam Noble is starting to struggle playing with those two bozos. And Bates comes up with the masterstroke of signing Luke Williams on August 23. No sign of him making his debut just yet and not before November if reports are correct. You would have thought Bates could spot a "sicknote" when he saw one as he was rarely on the pitch himself when he was "playing".

With the league starting to take shape now, it looks like Leyton Orient, Salford and Wrexham are going to be the pace-setters and that none of them have superior squads to Pools. But the way we are set up we are never going to score enough goals to match them. Especially when Bates is unable to teach the team to close a game out if we have not got enough goals on the board.

If I were Mr Singh I would be keeping a close eye on Bristol and the Memorial Stadium in particular. Word has it that Mr Darrell Clarke may soon be losing his job at Rovers and he would be ideal for us. A genuine Poolie and no Borer connection.
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