Strugglers Again

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY

Pools 0 Ebbsfleet 1 (National League)
Saturday 11 August 2018
Victoria Park

The early euphoria after the home game last week when we played well and got a draw with the tea slurpers of Harrogate went flying out of the window just after half time today, when we once again looked like the team of last season - strugglers against an average side. 

Having said that we have played Ebbsfleet three times now and been beaten three times so we have to hope it is a blip.

After the opening salvos we settled and looked to get on top of the visitors but I could tell the Ditchburn Poolie had taken a whinge pill instead of his medication as he kept harping on about us not having a reserve side this season. It had not dawned on me the significance of this but long-term the Ditchy could be right i -if we have unhappy players not getting in the starting line up, training could be quite boring.

We looked comfortable and put quite a bit of pressure on them but once again the old lack of goals when playing well would come back to haunt us. Luke had a cracking shot early on that was blocked, Davies shot one across the goal and McLaughlin made a weak attempt when he was free in front of the goal. An Ebbsfleet winger fancied his chances but his one-trick step-over seemed a little exaggerated. He managed a shot close in that Loach smothered but it was heading for the side netting anyway.

Early in the second half we lost Davies and he was replaced by Laing and it became a harder task for the mis-firing Pools to make any real inroads against the visitors.
"despite a brief rally by Pools, we looked like the team of last season."

They snatched a goal on the break and despite a brief rally by Pools, we looked like the team of last season. I think their keeper only made two saves all day. Comments that we may have missed Featherstone upset the Ditchburn but it is more than that. OK its early days but a bit disappointing; with the squad we have we were expecting more. Ebbsfleet won more away games than anyone last season so we need more than hope to keep the 3500 fans turning up.

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