Something to Build on


A steady as we go start to the season which is as good as we can have expected.

Sixth place in the league after the horrors of the last few years is indeed progress and it could have been even better if some late goals hadn't given away points.

And this is with five of last season's losers, Loach, Magnay, Donaldson, Xavi and Woods still getting a place in the team. Andy Davies, Luke Williams and Marcus Dinanga in for Magnay, Xavi and Woods and we may be getting there.

Our main concern is as usual not enough goals from our strikers. Its alright for Liam Noble to score a few penalties and even Xavi to get on the scoresheet, which shows the mediocrity of this league, but we meed the front men to weigh in. It is doubtful Luke James is going to get many as he has never been a prolific scorer.

Surely it is time to give Dinanga a few games up front as what little we have seen of him looks promising. I hope we are not going down the Tubby Turner route of loan signings where we bring them in and leave them on the bench.

This tends to piss of the parent club off and make them think twice about lending us anymore players.
"Sixth place in the league after the horrors of the last few years is indeed progress"

Talking of Tubby Turner I see there has been a talk-in arranged with the guy. Of all the ex-players and managers we have had, and some real characters among them, this guy would be about number 999 on the list of would-be participants. Dour Yorkshireman personified. Maybe he could get Ken Hodcroft to join him and they could call themselves the Two Clowns. The admission price of £5 entry says it all. And that is including a meal.

The club are trying to get all the fans' groups to work together to help out. This includes the Trust, Friends Group, Supporters' Association and Disabled Supporters' Group. I wish them all the best in hoping that lot can work together. I will believe it when I see it. There are a few oddballs in there who like nothing more than a bit of aggro.

The signing of Luke Williams is a real statement of intent by Raj Singh. A real footballer who won't have come cheap and I am looking forward to what he can bring to our midfield. Some forward looking and forward thinking, none of the old sideways shuffle or back pass to the keeper. At last a midfielder who can create something and weigh in with a goal or two. I think he and Liam Noble will be the best midfielders in the National League. Now if we can send Xavi and Woods back to Harrogate and take their striker Dom Knowles in exchange we can really get the top spot in our sights.

I would like to know what Josh Hawkes has done wrong to be completely out of the picture. Not even on the subs' bench for some games this season. It must be very frustrating for the boy, who was playing so well at the back end of last season, to be completely overlooked this time around, while a grossly inferior, overweight guy is waddling around in midfield. I wouldn't go so far as to say tackling as he couldn't tackle a fish supper.

One guy showing a big improvement this season is Ryan Donaldson. Last season he seemed to have an attitude problem and wasn't trying, but this seaon at wing back he has looked the part and is one of our better players. And Liam Noble has been all we expected and more. Just the type of player we have been missing for years - an experienced pro who likes a tackle and is immense in this league.

Finally a word for our much maligned scouting system. A pat on the back for whoever discovered those two excellent signings Peter Kioso and Niko Muir and persuaded them to come up north. Who knows, Marcus Dinanga could be equally as good if he is ever given a chance to show what he can do.

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