Money Laundering


No exact figures have been revealed as to what the naming rights to the Vic have cost Sky Sports but the word substanial has been used. Added to that Camerons Brewery are back on board and Joseph Parr's builders merchants from over in Teesside have also have signed hefty sponsorship deals with the club to name but two.

Sell-on clauses for the likes of Lewis Alessandra and Toto Nsiala could over a period of time boost the club coffers to near on £100k. Paying up Jack Munns contract has been financially beneficial to both the player and more importantly to the club. Pools have 2800-plus season ticket holders so any gate higher than this is bringing in additional cash through the turnstiles. Based on the first four home games our average gate is 3375 which I estimate has so far brought in the region of £30k to the club. If as we all hope Pools have a successful season the attendances will continue to rise thus generating much needed revenue for the club.
"If as we all hope Pools have a successful season the attendances will continue to rise"

On the down side our parachute payments have been halved. The playing squad is the same size as it was last season, bigger than those of many League Two clubs. The hoped-for sale of the three transfer-listed, high-earning players at the club has yet to materialise and lets's not forget the elephant in the room - the outstanding debts the club has to clear with John Blackledge's Sage Investments. Pools fans can only hope that this additional income stream is and will be managed wisely for both the short- and long-term benefit of the club.

The club made an excellent first step in re-engaging with its supporters by holding an open day to coincide with the team's photo shoot. To keep that connection alive I feel it would be a worthwhile exercise by the club to keep the fans 'on board' by giving regular updates of the state of play regarding the club's finances and how it is progressing behind the scenes - even if it's just to reassure the fans that the laundry bill has been paid!

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