At Last, Doses of the Trots!!


Before the Barrow game, it was four wins on the trot; including the Barrow game, it's six games unbeaten on the trot. What a change from last season where we were wondering where the next points were going to come from. Even Lady Luck shone down on us when Barrow missed their penalty. It's all coming together and there’s confidence in the air. Very little moaning on social media, except, of course, when it comes to referees.

For me – and many others – the highlight of the run was the win against Chesterfield. A hard side who bullied us throughout the game, we defended as though our lives depended on it. I think everyone stayed back to applaud the players at the end of the match. Even in the Barrow game, Poolies applauded the effort that was made. We have a defence that can dig in and whilst we could be scoring more goals, there is now a desire to ‘shoot on sight’ – typified by Nicky Featherstone’s goal against Chesterfield. Last season, a midfielder with the ball in the penalty box would have put it out wide only for the resultant cross to be cleared.
"We have a defence that can dig in and whilst we could be scoring more goals, there is now a desire to ‘shoot on sight’"

After the Barrow game, I looked up the table and , glory be, Harrogate Town are top of the league. Maybe our 2-2 draw against them wasn’t too bad after all. The point has been made that with the exception of Harrogate Town most of our games have been against teams near the bottom. Yet, it was precisely these teams who overcame us last season, particularly at home.

Mention has been made of our defence and the plaudits have been made many times to Peter Kioso. As well as being an outstanding defender, I think one of his main attributes is his recovery when beaten by the opposing wide man. The one player who stood out for me in the Barrow game was Mark Kitching. OK, he didn’t play a blinder but did everything he had to – defending and going forward. I like the look of him.

Unfortunately, I have a confession to make. I missed the game against Maidenhead due to being away in Whitby for a few days. The break was arranged before the fixtures came out – a dangerous thing to do. However, it so happened that on the Sunday Whitby Town were holding a Gala Day. ‘Fancy going?’ I said to my better half. The reply was a definite veto – footy was out whilst we were on holiday – except ringing my grandson to see how Pools had got on. His reply sure got the holiday off to a great start.

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