Any Other Business


Well, that's all a pleasant surprise. Given what's gone on in the last 12 months and given that expectations were understandably played down, to find Pools sat there in the playoff zone with nearly a fifth of the season gone is something of a shock.

The bubble may burst soon but isn't it nice to see that Pools seem to have adjusted to the real world of the National League (whereas Chesterfield seem to be suffering from "we're too good for this league" syndrome.) Accepting your circumstances is important before you can move on, so in that regard, last year's shenanigans helped.

Let's hope that Pools can build on this good start.

We, like most Poolies surely, were saddened to hear that a Poolie legend of twenty years ago, Lenny Johnrose, has Motor Neurone Disease.

That particular affliction has special significance for all of us at Monkey Business because it's what claimed the life of Monkey Business co-founder and subsequently Pools' first press officer Paul Mullen, an affliction which only has one outcome, one that Lenny is well aware of.

Here is a link to a BBC report featuring him bravely talking positively about his struggle to make the best of the unfortunate hand he has been dealt.

Finally, we liked this little comment from Wallace and Gromit about successful former Pools managers who are now deceased:

Fred Westgarth was our manager, he's now dead.
Then we had Brian Clough, he's now dead.
Then we had Cyril Knowles, he's now dead.
Then we had Neale Cooper and he's no longer with us in body.

All the good ones are dead.

We're doomed, but we are probably doing quite well in the Heaven and Afterlife Premier Division (North).