It's a New Dawn


It is a long time since I have felt so optimistic about a new season as I do about this one.

We are lucky to have an owner like Mr Singh and the professional management team he put together which is night and day apart from the bunch of Ragged Arse Rovers who have infested our club for the past few years.

I have my doubts about Matthew Bates as head coach but perhaps he deserves a chance with proper backing after getting us through at the end of last season. And with Craig Hignett as director of football I believe the big decisions will be down to Craig and I am happy with that.

It is unusual for a fifth tier club to be able to afford to employ a director of football specially since the talk of money being so sparse. I can remember when we had a Director of Sport and he couldn't direct his own piss down a urinal. Yet he took the manager's job off Danny Wilson, one of our top five managers ever, and made a right balls of it.

With the Hartlepool Fail, which I used to work for years ago when it was a newspaper, telling us all summer that we would have to get rid of the transfer-listed before we could bring in any new faces it was nice to see nine players arriving. Obviously Mr Singh is putting money in and not boasting about it which is another good thing about this management team. Although it is going a bit far giving a year's contract to Xavi Featherfanny who will surely struggle to get a first team place this season. Nice move in offloading Scott Harrison to Falkirk and some cash into the bargain. You will always find a mug out there if you wait long enough. And Jack Munns looks like the next one to follow him out the door. If we could get rid of Woods, Donaldson and Cassidy we might have room to bring in a young loan signing.

Of the new signings I would describe two of them as cartwheel signings. Andrew Davies and Liam Noble are experienced players who have played at a far higher standard and are not too old. One thing is for certain is that no one will be taking liberties with us anymore as these two both like a tackle and have a nasty streak in them which we have been missing for a long time.

Anyone in doubt should watch YouTube for the red card Davies got for Ross County for a tackle on Celtic's Scott Brown. Ouch. Now Brown is the biggest wind-up merchant in Scotland but he sure wasn't expecting that one.
"Of the new signings I would describe two of them as cartwheel signings"

To solve our lack of goals we have brought in Niko Muir and Marcus Dinanga both prolific scorers in leagues lower to us and hopefully will be able to continue in the National League with us. And Luke James returning to the club should also boost our attacking options.

The jury out is out on some of the other signings although the two new wing backs Peter Kisolo and Mark Kitching look very promising on friendly games appearances.

Although the hammering we got from the Borer brought us back down to earth and to reassess our chances for the new season. That said The Smoggies had £21m worth of strikers playing for them and we certainly wont be facing that quality in the National League. As for our neighbours' chances, it is safe to say that Tony Pulis will either coach the goals out of them or let them go for knockdown fees.

One of the saddest things to happen in the summer was the sudden death of Neale Cooper aged 54. In his first spell as manager of Pools he was one of the most successful ever. His dismissal before the play-off final, along with the injury to Thomas Butler, stopped us getting to the Championship. I believe the reason for his dismissal has never been forthcoming from the Secret Society Hodcroft presided over.

So the decision of the new management team to rename the Mill House Stand as the Neale Cooper Stand was a wonderful gesture as was to specially invite members of his family to the opening.

One unpleasant surprise was the £25,000 FA fine for indiscretions by the previous regime. It seems grossly unfair that Mr Singh has to pay this while the shitehawks responsible get off scot-free. And our former CEO, Rotund Russ, went from being Chief Executive of the Year, self appointed, to copping a £10,000 fine and a year's ban from football for his part in the episode. He of course was responsible for selling the club to two dodgy sets of owners - maybe he is not as good at his job as he thinks he is. Either way we are well rid of him.

The open day and fans forum proved a big success and selling 500 new shirts proved to be a good bit of business. Most fans who attended seemed well impressed with the progress being made after us nearly going under at the start of the year.

I am looking forward to the start of the season and a top 10 finish which could be achievable. We are definitely going in the right direction and have the right men running the club. C'mon you Pools!

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