Dear Vicki

The Bizz agony aunt solves all your problems

Dear Vicki,
I am a Premier League footballer who plays for a top club as well as my country, yet many football fans continually criticise me because I'm a very quick but miss a lot of goals. My league and international managers obviously have faith in me so why can't the public stop criticising me?
RS, Manchester

Dear RS,
It's just a fact of life that some people of mediocre talent are popular whereas other more gifted individuals can be less appreciated. And in these days when all professional footballers are celebrities to some extent, that means that their personalities as well as their talents come into the mix. So being a jovial character, not getting involved in controversy and being a player who never shirks on the pitch all can improve your public acceptance, whereas skiving and running about like a schoolgirl or a headless chicken may work against you. So try to always do your best, avoid the pitfalls and I'm sure the footballing public will come round. Even if new clubs don't. 


Dear Vicki,
After another very successful World Cup, I would just like to point out that it would not have happened without my unstinting efforts to organise it. So how can my great contribution now be so comprehensively airbrushed out of history?
SB, Zurich

Dear SB,
Very easily! 

Dear Vicki,
I am the manager of a team in the Championship and I am continuously derided for having dull teams which only play the long-ball game, which I have used at all of my clubs. Admittedly it's not as entertaining for the fans, and admittedly I've rarely won anything, but surely being consistent is something to be admired.
TP, Middlesbrough

Dear TP,
Indeed you are right. These days people change their systems all the time, quite often several times during a game, and it can be confusing for both players and fans when they do so. You should be applauded for using your team tactics consistently, even if they are consistently dreary.

Dear Vicki,
I am a Brazilian footballer who plays in France, and at the World Cup I was criticised for rolling and thrashing around on the ground at the merest touch by an opposition player. This is so unfair! As one of the world's most valuable players, I have a duty to protect my club's investment as the slightest injury could end my career, so I'm just making sure I make a full recovery before returning to the game. Do you think I ought to cut it out, play on and risk exacerbating a slight knock?
N, Saint Germain, Paris

Dear N,
Not at all. Your fans have probably come to expect it, so keep doing what you do. If, as you say, it possibly protects you from further, more serious injury, then that is a valid consideration, but have you considered the serious injury which might ensue from winding up the opposition? 

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