Who Cares Wins


I can't help but wonder why Raj Singh has purchased Hartlepool United.

What is in it for him? He can't sell the ground or develop the land around it as The Council own it. He would be unable to make any money with the current crop of players as most of them are not worth anything or indeed saleable. As far as I am aware I don't think that there is a permit even to hold a car boot sale at the ground. So what's in it for Raj?

Then it dawned on me that he is the owner of Prestige Care Homes.

It could be that business is a bit slack at present and he needs to generate some additional income. So in collaboration with HBC, owing to the lack of care homes within the town's borders he is perhaps looking at turning the Vic into a super care home. The beauty of this being that it already has a number of people on the premises who needed care last season and are still resident here and whom Raj could sign up immediately. Scotty Harrison, Conor Newton, Carl Magnay, Nicky Sideways Featherstone and Rhys Oates as well as Jack Munns.

The Raj Vic care home is well equipped to look after those who need specialist long term care such as Luke George,  Ryan Donaldson and Kenton Richardson.

I can see a new tagline on the club crest (with a nod towards the old "The Town's Club" motto) having the words "Hartlepool United - The Caring Club"