New dawn - same old faces?


The worst season in the club's history is thankfully over and most of the dross that has infested the club for the last number of years has finally gone. And good riddance. How much on the playing and coaching side staying remains to be seen but it is looking likely that Matthew Bates will be installed as manager with Ged McNamee and Ross Turnbull assisting him ...and hopefully being paid for it this time around.

Bates would not have been my choice by any means. Part of the losing culture at the club for the last four years and since last summer does not fancy getting fit and playing for the first team. Instead moving himself into a coaching position despite the fact that on the field we had two of the worst centre backs, Scott Harrison and Louis Laing, ever seen at the club. Not that Bates was any Rio Ferdinand but in the few games he would play each season he could make a passable impression of a fifth division centre back.

"Let us hope it is a total clearout and not just a few of the dregs moving on"

It is all right for people to say he saved us with next to no staff but some of the players we did have could not get a game. The squad was good enough to stay in that jumpers-for-goalposts league with the groundsman running the team. I look to the home defeats against bottom four teams Guiseley, and Solihull Moors and the jammy home draw against Torquay when they actually tortured us despite being bottom of the table. Add to this Bates's statement after the final game that in our 15th place we had over achieved this season and it brings me to the conclusion that the guy is totally deluded.

If it is Bates then it looks like we have gone for the cheap option which is never a sensible thing to do. The saving grace is that Craig Hignett as Director of Football will be running the football side of things and Bates will be his Yes Man. It certainly makes more sense for Hignett to be signing the players and getting rid of the rabble at present on the books. Let us hope it is a total clearout and not just a few of the dregs moving on as it will be another wasted season. And Hignett is responsible for tactics and team selection leaving Bates to get on with the coaching.

The standard of football in the National League is abysmal shown by how Macclesfield gained promotion this season. Of the present staff I would keep Scott Loach, Kenton Richardson, Josh Hawkes, Liam Donnelly and Devante Rodney and scatter the rest of the perennial losers.

Finally to our new owner and chairman Mr Raj Singh. I have been very impressed with his early statements and how professional he is. No fancy promises and raising expectations but telling it like it is and forming a board of directors is a step in the right direction. Jeff Stelling can contribute a lot in his role of honorary President by keeping thr club's name in the limelight and getting us plenty of publicity.

Now we are rid of the lying, conniving shitehawks who have been infesting the club for the past few years it appears we have a responsible person with the good of the club at heart. I wish him well and am sure all loyal Pools fans will get behind him to bring some good times back to Victoria Park.