Going Through the Motions

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY

Pools 0 Solihull 2 (National League)
Saturday April 7th 2018
Victoria Park

Once again the long suffering fans of Hartlepool United had to suffer the ignominy of spending ninety-five minutes watching our team go through the motions of avoiding another drop down the divisions. And that on the day that after prolonged contract discussions and three weeks of false starts the club finally announced officially that Hartlepool United had been saved. 

After seeing the last two home games I think some fans are in deep despair after watching the fare served up to us over the crucial end of season games. We take on two bottom teams and get stuffed in both games. Effort does not count, it is goals and points that count.

Are still in danger? The teams below us have played less games and with only two home games left we still have a struggle on our hands. So disheartening. I just want this season to be over so we start afresh next term in whatever division and just hope the new owners have some kind of financial package which will give us a chance to change some of the staff we have at the moment.

After the two recent games I am not sure that Bates will be in charge next season or whether he should be. Martin Gray was being touted around the ground today but that is hardly looking forward is it?

"I just want this season to be over so we start afresh next term in whatever division"
Today was a miserable performance and the only plus was that today's visitors were a better side than Guiseley. We were so disjointed today, not holding the ball up, passing was bloody awful, never won a header and we could have been hammered in both games not just beaten.

I heard that one of the radio pundits was heavily criticising Loach today, saying he was playing up to the crowd by clapping the fans after the game. I consider that totally unfair on the keeper who has saved us from far more embarrassment over the season. It is not the keeper's fault if your team does not know how to defend any dead ball situation. How many times have we been caught out at the end of games through lack of awareness in our own box?

The visitors had most of the game today, defended well and were quick to counter-attack as we could barely get a move going. We raised our game a little after the break and Hawkes went closest when a long range shot hit the angle of the bar and bounced away. The visitors did the same thing later in the game as they overran us and always looked the more dangerous side.

Just like on Tuesday, when Guiseley pressurised us to win a corner which was slotted home, once again we gifted a visiting team three points with very little resistance.

The pluses:
A great tackle form Magnay to foil an early goal from the visitors.
The Hawkes shot was the only real effort on goal.

The minuses:
Another easy capitulation in a bottom of the league game.
Hawkins is not a full back.
Donnelly should be fit for the next game.
Substitutes did not help at all.
Referee was an absolute joke We have had some jokers but this feller was the pits. Lost the game and gave some of the most bizarre decisions I have ever seen at a football ground. Gone are the days when a ref could use his own judgement, but they really need to crack down on players feigning injury. Players get a kick on the shin and hold their ears as if they had been shot in the head and of course the ref has to stop the game. Too many incidents to list from today as examples.