Well, April was quite a month wasn’t it? Pools were saved when Raj Singh took over the club with help from Jeff Stelling and we averted relegation. Just think: we were awarded Manager of the Month twice but could still have gone down. Fortunately, we live to fight another day.

Raj Singh seems to be sorting out the business side of the club pretty quickly yet the playing side could take a little longer. As most Poolies would agree, there are a number of under-performing players who need to be shown the door – yet some of them seem to be on two year contracts and can’t be released immediately.

The defence seems to be a problem. Too often, we have taken the lead only to lose out through defensive mistakes. Most visiting clubs seem to have one thing in common – they appear to have 6 feet 3 inch centre halves who can gobble up anything in the air. That’s one area we need to look at and there must be a number of those kind of players around. Last week, I was listening to Radio 5 and on air was Tommy Walsh, the DIY guru from Ground Force. He was explaining that his 6 feet 7 inch son played centre half and it set me thinking – just what Pools could do with. Wonder if he’s any good?

Now that the embargo has finished, let’s hope that the North East clubs have players who could be sent on loan to Pools. The last home game against Torquay certainly showed up another problem. Pools were well worth their 1-0 half time lead but what happened in the second half? They sat back and handed the initiative to Torquay. On the basis of possession, it must have been in the ratio of 95:5% to Torquay. We were marmalised in the second half and lucky to get away with a 1-1 draw. In some ways, I was sorry to see Torquay relegated and reports suggest that they may struggle to survive.

Looking at some of the attendances for the last batch of games, I’m surprised how some of the National League clubs survive. Boreham Wood, for example, finished fourth in the table and their last home gate was 701; other clubs had just over 1,000. Next season, of course, we’ll welcome Chesterfield and its going to be a toss up between Morecambe and Barnet for the second spot. Of interest will be games against Salford City but what a trek to Havant and Waterlooville. We sure get them!!
"Most visiting clubs seem to have one thing in common – they appear to have 6 feet 3 inch centre halves"

Let’s also hope that we can be free of serious injuries next season. This was something else that affected Pools. Ryan Donaldson was, of course, no stranger to Pools having been brought in on loan from Newcastle by Mick Wadsworth. Let’s hope he can stay free of injury next season. He might have something to offer. At least any injured players might be able to recuperate in Raj’s Care Homes!! Anyway, enjoy the close season – and give Raj a vote of confidence by renewing season tickets.

Lastly, of course, the FA are getting an £800m windfall from selling Wembley Stadium to a Yankee geezer by the name of Shahid Kahn who owns the NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars. Word has it that the FA plan to spend the money on improving facilities at grass roots level. Don’t bank on it – the FA may yet find some way of buggering things up.