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A Happy Ending

Well, who'd have guessed a couple of months ago that Pools would have got out of both of the holes they were in? Not only to survive without going into administration or worse, but also to finish in mid-table obscurity.

All credit to the parties involved. Raj Singh, Jeff Stelling and Matthew Bates may take most of the plaudits but let's not forget the contribution of the unpaid backroom staff, and in fact the players and fans generally who all did their bit when needed to keep things going at a time when some were thinking survival was a lost cause. And those various fans' groups and fund-raisers, some of whom may have not always seen eye to eye with each other, all helped to keep the process on the rails and enabled the eventual outcome.

No doubt next season will again repeat the traditional pattern of expectation followed by disappointment followed by nail-biting, but still being here is the main thing.

Janice and Jon

A couple of us have been involved in bringing "Janice and Jon" to the Bizz this season. It's a spoof on the old Janet and John books from which many of us baby-boomers learned to read. 

And it just so happens that we both know a real Jon, and he now performs in a folk duo with a real Janice, and they are based in the North-East and are making a name for themselves. We've already apologised to them for misappropriating their names, but we came across this video of them, recorded only a few weeks back, playing a tune called "Raj, Raj, Raj" and we thought the coincidence was too great to ignore:

Wherever we Poolies go we are reminded of our allegiance. Here, from a few weeks ago, are a couple. A Chinese takeaway in Exeter seems to have lost one of its letters and a pub near Oxford is warning us to beware of the drop.

Who needs a head of recruitment?

With the controversial record of Paul Watson (Pools' former Head of Recruitment) having gained him little praise, Pools fans might still be  unconvinced as to whether that role needs to exist. 

However former Pools midfielder Darrell Clarke must be convinced because he's poached his erstwhile Pools teammate Tommy Widdrington from that role at Coventry City to do the same at Bristol Rovers. Darrell succeeded Tommy as Salisbury City's manager before moving on to Rovers.


St Pauli are a footy team who play in the second division of the Bundesliga, and here's an item of merchandise which they sell.

It's a bicycle bell. Pools' new brown badge would fit on it a treat. Perhaps Pools could do something similar as part of a range of bike accessories, as their target audience of potential new fans are likely to be into bikes. A Pools puncture repair kit could be good ...but knowing Pools, it wouldn't be.

...And finally

It's time to thank all our contributors for continuing to find things to say throughout a continuously depressing season and to our readers for staying with us in what we all thought were the club's death throes.

So we can all now have a well-deserved break to recover from the stress of the last few months and we'll be back in August, hopefully refreshed and raring to go once again for the 30th season of Monkey Business.