Worth Waiting for...


Hopefully by the time this article goes live online the protracted Pools takeover will be complete and we will have better times to look forward to. Things can hardly get any worse on and off the pitch with the fans paying the tax bill and more and the council paying the wages. 

What a state to get into and alleged chartered accountants steering the ship and getting money from anyone who will give the club some. How they look at themselves in the mirror I do not know. It is to be hoped the new owners sweep away all the dross who have been infesting the club over the past few years and have a business plan that will work and keep us off the bones of our arse.

On the field after a couple of decent results against albeit mediocre opposition we were humped by the mighty Guiseley on our own ground which has to be one of our worst league results of all time. Caretaker manager Matthew Bates explained this result away as the players were a bit tired and jaded with two games in a week. This is a squad of full-time players playing against part-timers and the lazy gets were struggling. If they can't manage a couple of games then bring in some of the youth team as they can hardly be any worse than the current incumbents.
"...we were humped by the mighty Guiseley on our own ground which has to be one of our worst league results of all time"

With this result having put paid to Bates's chances of getting the manager's job on a permanent basis it is surprising he was so cool about it. Having said that, the guy has all the charisma of a traffic cone. It would be nice if Pam Duxbury could explain to the fans the current coaching situation at the club. After all, she is keen enough to take the cash from the supporters.

We must presume Paul Jenkins and Bernard Hermer have left the club. The last we were told was one had some private business to do and the other one needed a break. Surely we are not still paying them? And the two coaches Bates brought in, allegedly doing the jobs for free, are they being paid? And what of Ian McGuckin and Antony Sweeney in charge of the youth but allegedly unwilling to step up and help Bates in his hour of need?

I think Monday's defeat proved once and for all how weak this set of players is. If it was up to me my retained list would be Scott Loach, Liam Donnelly, Josh Hawkes and Devante Rodney and let the rest of them find their level at Southport, Spennymoor, darLOW and stacking shelves in a supermarket. It would be nice to think Lee Clark and Joe Allon were still interested in taking charge which would give us some passion and experience and some good contacts in the game.

Let's hope Raj Singh and his consortium can come up with some ideas to bring the good times back to Victoria Park. We deserve some after the way the last three owners have treated the club and I include Ken Hodcroft in this for his folly in selling to TMH and not learning by his mistake and selling to Coxhead and Co as his coup de grace.

If Mr Singh and his consortium can do half as good as Harold Hornsey and Bo Larsson did for the club we should be in safe hands.