Great Run Continues

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY

Pools 2 Bromley 1 (National League)
Tuesday March 29th 2018
Victoria Park

With rumours that a deal was about to be announced for a takeover of the ownership of the club, it looked as if it would be a canny night for Pools fans. Our current performances seemed to be picking up despite a depleted squad. 

A gate of three thousand was an improvement on the last home game as fans drifted back to see if another great escape was in the offing after the cracking result in the televised match at Barrow. Twenty five Bromley fans entertained us in the away end chanting what sounded like WEMBERLIE WEMBERLIE but it could have been Bromerlie Bromerlie, the Ditchie seems to think it was a small band of Bromley fans who travelled up to Gateshead at the weekend and stayed over. One wag behind me said "those that could afford it - yes, the unemployed” I would have thought everyone in the leafy suburbs of Bromley would be employed.

The loss of Harrison again, this time to injury, meant Master Bates had to rejig his squad and he put Hawkins in at full back and a “diamond” of Woods, Featherstone, Newton and a debutant starter (Hawkes) in the middle, with Oates and Cassidy up front. “Diamond”, the only reason I know that is, I was listening to the wireless on the way over and they mentioned a “diamond”.

Well, I think Bates found a “diamond” of his own tonight in young Josh Hawkes. This kid was excellent throughout the game and the way he took his goal, moving across the box and striking a beauty past the Bromley keeper on ten minutes, was a joy to watch. Just the lift we needed and with the new-found confidence that Bates has put into the squad we look a vastly different out fit than that of only a month ago.

Possibly with the aid of his new assistant coaches he has ironed out all the silly mistakes we were making and we now look and play like a decent team. Every player gave their all last night and the confidence oozed out of the players as we pegged the visitors back for the full half, It was sod's law that they managed one effort, a high ball in added time before half time, that was scrambled over the line. It was a bit of a sickener after the way we had played but that’s football, is it not?
"If they can keep this up just maybe we might have a manager of the month curse on us soon."

Second half, Bromley, probably thinking of their trip to Wembley, made a bit more effort and made a few breaks upfield but Pools soon got into their stride once again. An injured Oates was replaced by Rodney and this lad is fast; the number of times he chased a long ball down the wing and won it after giving the defenders a head start was amazing. Cassidy and Rodney both causing panic in the visitors defence as Pools went for that important second goal. It was Rodney who made the chance as he cushioned a header down that Woods rifled into the net giving the visitors' keeper no chance and a safe three points to Pools.

It has to be said that, apart from ten minutes at the end of the game, Bromley came to play football; none of the usual diving and playing up the ref like a lot, probably all the teams we have seen this season. There were two incidents when the same player went down under tackles and did the Italian roll that got Newton booked in the first half. The same player tried it again in the second but was told to get up. The only criticism I would make of the ref was that he allowed forty yard runs down the line when taking throw ins, and he had a bit of a downer on Cassidy and gave him nowt all the game. The Millhouse lino was a disgrace - he was so far behind the game he could have been on holiday.

It was been a great run from the lads: eight points from four games. If they can keep this up just maybe we might have a manager of the month curse on us soon. I hope we are safely home and dry by the time we go to Tranmere for the last game as I watched them on the box this week and they looked impressive in their 3-1 home win at the weekend.

Takeover due any minute. We've all heard that before! - Ed.