Deserved Point

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY

Pools 0 Boredom Wood 0 (National League)
Saturday March 10th 2018
Victoria Park

Another poor day at the office for the team today but in the end we won a point. It could have gone against us but we rallied a little in the second half and just about deserved a point. 

Another scrappy game in this non-league football division, I should exclude the football bit in that as very little football is ever played. The teams visiting the Vic these days would have been done under the trades description act in the past.

I know I whinge about the officials and having heard that the last one at the Vic in the defeat by Ebbsfleet was a Darlington resident it speaks volumes for the quality of officials and their unbiased handling of games. Todays entity, especially in the first eighty minutes, looked as if he'd been brought with Boreham. Every fifty-fifty ball or decision went against us; when are these clowns ever going to realize that when a player goes into a tackle or jumps for a ball and rolls on the ground clutching his or her head that there is no need to alert an ambulance, as in every instance the whistle to stop the game leads to a miraculous recovery after a little cameo of play-acting once they are on their feet.

As the ex-league boys dropping down we were expected to set a good example and play decent football and go straight back up. At the rate we are going there is only one way and Northern League two beckons. Some around me think that might be a good move but I doubt we would ever make it as a “Phoenix” club.

Very little is known on the terrace as to what is happening as far as the club goes, and the fundraising seems to be drying up according to the football fans on the terrace. You know you are losing the fight when a clown at the kick off screamed "Come on you idiots", and I felt sorry for Rodney who came down the line off the bench to warm up and there was barely two minutes of the game played and one so-called fan behind us in the crowd waited till he came up to the corner flag and screamed "++++ off, Rodney." He is fairly new to this area of the stand; he arrived when those Borer supporters were coming to our aid. The same fan was shouting and waving like a girl at Lewis Laing "Hello Lewis". Obviously a racist fan, which we can do without. Some of the lads in the area are getting a bit tired of this bore and threatened to pay him a visit if it persists.

OK, enough of the negatives and onto the game. There were no real positives other than a hard-won point in this game today. The only visiting team who did not turn us round after winning the toss, but the forty seven travelling fans probably did not care anyway. The visitors, according to the Ditchburn oracle, are sitting pretty on a deal they have going with Arsenal. The Arsenal team train on their pitch and even the Arsenal ladies team play on their pitch and pay for its  maintenance and the Boredom Wood board just take a million pounds a year from the Gunners.

They had most of the first half and should have won the game but a resilient rear guard by Pools and some bloody awful shooting by the visitors gave us a lifeline. We won very little ball in the air with Cassidy winning the odd header but not able to lay it off once it was on the deck. We just lost nearly every tussle for the ball. It was monotonous the number of times they just stood off the high ball and waited till it dropped then robbed us of any possession.

"Football at this level is becoming a non-contact sport, unless you are a visiting player."

We were on the back foot early on as they looked like a decent side and had a good game plan. Down both flanks and in numbers they threatened nearly every attack with Harrison, Donnelly and Loach all giving their all in the defence. But the midfield could not win the ball, never mind hold on to it, with Featherstone again twirling on the ball and getting caught out on numerous occasions. We had hard luck just before the break when Woods had a shot from close range blocked and Newton blasted the return ball and it bounced off the post.

The tension was getting to both teams as some naughty tackles and a few vendettas were going on in nearly every challenge. Pools were angry at the spoiling tactics of the visitors, almost dropping dead after aerial challenge and they knew the ref would stop the game when there was a risk of head injury.

Football at this level is becoming a non-contact sport, unless you are a visiting player. Adams showed some good touches today and almost helped Pools to a lead early in the first half when skinning two defenders. He raced to the edge of the box and sent a great ball in that Cassidy managed to reach but it had no direction and went wide for a goal kick. Harrison was sent off and it was another dive by a Boredom forward as they went for a header. It looked as if the player had been punched by Harrison and then fell to the ground. The way I saw it was that the ref had seen the attacker go down feigning injury, then  jumped up to confront Harrison, who tried to just push him away but it looked like a punch was thrown. We all know Harrison is suspect in these situations but this time it could have cost us, going down to ten men against this side made it look like we were done for.

Typically for Pools, that seemed to make more of a game of it as they took off Newton, who was having a good game, and brought on Laing to replace Harrison. Rodney made a great run down the right and sent in a wonderful low cross that evaded everyone’s attempt to latch on to it, even the defenders. The prize of the day went to Featherstone who had to take a card for the team as he tried battling for the ball in midfield and it broke free with a forward chasing it down.  Featherstone made a rugby tackle that Billy Beaumont would have been proud of as he took the player round the waist and dragged him to the ground.

Pools had a let-off late in the game as Donnelly blocked a powerful shot on the line and I don’t think he even flinched. It would have knocked a bigger man over but it saved a point for Pools.

One incident in the game was very dangerous and upset a lot of home fans. The big centre half for Boredom, I think he was called Stephenson, was under pressure about five yards from the edge of the pitch and he smashed a ball into the crowd in the CK stand; if it had hit a child it would have certainly done some damage. He made sure he did not stray near to the Town End fans for the rest of the game.