On the Road to Nowhere


Just when you think we couldn't get any lower the charlatans ruining our beloved club have managed it. After taking the fans' money to pay a tax bill and using some to pay the staff wages they then decide to sack the manager, albeit way overdue, but having no money to appoint a replacement.

Although it is illegal for a company to trade while it is insolvent this lot seems to bungle along from crisis to crisis while claiming they are in talks with potential buyers.

The most ludicrous situation at the club is the employment of Paul Watson. This head of recruitment was responsible for the hiring of Craig Harrison and a number of players last summer. A complete failure at his job. And now with the club under a transfer embargo his job is redundant. But heigh ho, he resurfaces as Head of Performance and the least said of our performances the better.

Although it has been said he is leaving the club he still seems to be robbing a wage out of us. The sacking of Harrison, who now officially takes his place as second worst Hartlepool manager of all time behind Mr Robert Moncur, was a chance to try something different, but what happens? One of the gang of four responsible for our present position is put in charge while the assistant manager suddenly feels the need for personal leave and the goalkeeping coach mysteriously does one also.
"If Sage are really trying to sell the club they really need to invest in a manager to save us going out of this league and get some money back on their investment"

Matthew Bates is one of those four responsible for our present position and if he was any good as a coach he would have sorted out our centre back partnership, by far the worst in the league. He may be good at taking selfies but apparently not as a football coach. A Sick Note for all his time at Pools, at the start of this season he decided he couldn't be arsed with playing anymore and yet got a cushy job as a coach with no experience or qualifications to take on the job. Even half fit he wouldn't be a worse centre half than Scott Harrison or Louis Laing.

The obvious pair to take charge after Craig Harrison were Youth team coaches Ian McGuckin and Antony Sweeney but it appears there has been some more fallout there and they are not prepared to help Bates out. Bates complained bitterly to the Hartlepool Fail about the situation but we didn't get to hear the other side of the story. Instead he has turned to two of his mates, one obviously another ex-Borer player, to help him out unpaid.

Hopefully last Saturday's display against Ebbsfleet was not a true reflection as the players looked as though they had no desire to play for Bates, just like they had no desire to perform for Harrison. Indeed even fans' favourite Xavi Featherfanny is looking at least two stone overweight. Now apart from being unable to tackle, pass, shoot or head the ball he can't run.

Jeff Stelling's suggestion that we should go cap in hand to Ronnie Moore seems a good thing to do but one that isn't going to happen. If Sage are really trying to sell the club they really need to invest in a manager to save us going out of this league and get some money back on their investment. To leave someone like Bates in charge for any length of time is signing our own death warrant.  Someone like Lee Clark or Phil Brown is needed, who knows the club and the area and could get a performance out of the perennial non achievers with a couple of youth team players given a chance.