Jon Takes up Rugby

Another Janice and Jon story from SHEDRICK

Jon was refusing to come out of his room after the grief and sadness Pools had caused him. 

Janice told him  “Snap out of it Jon, I bet none of the ex-Pools owners is hiding under the bed and moping about the place with a face as long as the bonnet of his Bentley. 

I see that a new Pools rugby team are having a practice this afternoon, why don’t you go down and watch?” 

Jon decided to give it a try and set off with a bit of trepidation as he had heard that it was much rougher than football, with real hard men, and alcohol allowed on the terraces. 

Have you ever had sand kicked in your face on Seaton beach? Jon has. 

When Jon arrived, he realised it was the ladies' team that was practising, but just as he was about to turn round and go home, Mrs Rucker saw him. 

“Don’t leave young man, you are welcome to join us for a training session,” she said.

Jon did as he was told; he had heard that the men in the pub compare Mrs Rucker to the construction of a public convenience, but had not understood what they meant. Until now. 

She said “When all of the girls jump onto the ball Meg will hook it back, then she will hold it while you kick it up into the air, and we can chase after it.” 

Jon quite enjoyed it without really knowing why, and before he realised, it was time for him to go home for his dinner. 

“Is that you, Jon? How did you get on at the rugby?” asked Janice. 

“Well, it was the ladies' team, and their captain encouraged me to join in. She said I would like it once I had enjoyed a good ruck with her girls. 

“Then Meg, who was a hooker, held my ball while I did an ‘up and under’ ”. 

If Jon’s dinner had hit the wall it would have been easy to wipe up, but Jon didn’t duck in time.