Into the Abyss?

GREAT GRANDAD SHOUTY is still hopeful

Saturday was very, very cold. As the breeze blew off the North Sea, I thought “Never mind, Pools might make me forget all about the cold afternoon”. Fat chance. 

Let’s be honest, Ebbsfleet could have been ahead after only 35 seconds and maybe should have been 5-0 up at half time. Indifferent striking was the order of the day for them. But what did Pools have to offer in terms of attacking? This mainly amounted to speculative long balls into the Ebbsfleet penalty area and these were dealt with more than adequately by their defence, particularly their big centre half.

It's known as basics. And teams are coming to Pools offering no more than basics and going away with three points. Some fans are campaigning to have Ronnie Moore brought back as manager but would it make any difference? Ronnie Moore’s strength was to bring in loan players which definitely improved the side but we can’t take any players on loan or indeed offer terms to free agents. So that means we’re stuck with the players we have.

If Pools go into liquidation, then those players will want to sign for another club. You’d think that they’d be playing out of their skins to impress the vultures but with one or two exceptions, I wouldn’t bank on that happening.
"teams are coming to Pools offering no more than basics and going away with three points"

Other warning signs are surely there. On Saturday, the attendance dropped below 3,000 so that means less money coming in at the turnstiles. Since dropping into the National League, Pools supporters have been very loyal but it won’t happen every season. The fact that the Swedish consortium have gone away to consider their options does not bode well. If that comes off the rails then surely administration will beckon. If the administrator can’t find a buyer then its curtains.

The supporters have been fantastic – both Poolies and those of other clubs – but you can only expect so much from that quarter. Speculation was rife  after Saturday, when Lee Clark was spotted in the directors’ box. It's normal for a potential manager to eye up the side he might be taking over, but what were his thoughts after seeing Pools perform? Maybe Sol Campbell might try his luck. He’s been complaining that nobody wants him despite all the honours he’s picked up.

I suppose the main talking point over the past week was Wigan’s victory over Manchester City. Don’t forget that Wigan once dropped out of the Football League and came back to play in all four divisions. I’d like to be more hopeful but as things are there’s not too much to be hopeful about.