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The death-throes continue

We don't seem to have advanced much in the last month. Pools have missed a few matches and lost the ones they didn't, so perhaps the postponements were no bad thing. However, given the embargo on signings, and the lack of  a manager, it's probably only putting off the defeats. 

The Swedish interest now seems to be being played down, so things are still perilous and Poolies seem to be being worn down by it all. Whether the fundraising was really helpful or ultimately just subsidised Sage's misguided investment, we may never find out, but the whole situation remains grim.

The police are investigating matters that presumably lie somewhere between fraud and incredible stupidity, but given the way sensible businessmen make sure they have sharp accountants and lawyers watching their backs, fraud may not be provable in court and being stupid isn't actually illegal, so nothing is likely to come from it either way.

Free Speech

Last month's Bizz caused a bit of controversy because of one sentence in one contributor's article which managed to upset people on both sides of the Trust/anti-Trust divide.

We would just wish to remind readers that the views expressed by individual contributors in the Bizz don't necessarily reflect those of the editor or anyone else connected with Monkey Business, and that they have a right to air those views.


Despite having followed Pools all over the country since the days of annual re-election, folksinging Poolie Steve Turner did his first-ever gig in Hartlepool only in December,  and he followed that with a tour of Australia. 

A cynic might say it was a trip to see the Ashes cricket, and he took the opportunity to do some gigs while he was there anyway. Good job we're not cynics at the Bizz.

However, he wonders whether his return trip may have been the longest-ever trip to a Pools match, because he arrived back at Heathrow and then drove straight up to Chester to take in Pools' game before going back home to Nottingham. Melbourne to Heathrow is 10,504 miles and Heathrow to Chester is 190 miles, making a total of 10,694 miles. Can anybody beat that?

...And finally

Should Pools go down the pan soon they'll have gone all 110 years without getting a single piece of first team silverware, unless you count the Durham Senior Cup (and who would?) 

So at least there was plenty on display inside the Vic at the Ebbsfleet game when the penalty shootout competition finished with silverware for both finalists, St Joseph's (in red) and Barnard Grove. Well done to both.