abysmal, dire, chronic, diabolical

Match report by RUNNING MONKEY

Pools 0 Ebbsfleet 1 (National League)
Saturday February 24th 2018
Victoria Park

Here we go again, another manager sacked and we are left with Master Bates to take the reins, a job he did not really want. 

If you believe the rumours we are now paying three former managers for sitting on their a&$£$;. Apparently David Jones, the fat Welsh waste of space is still getting paid. In charge for about eight games and did sweet F.A. for HUFC. If he is still getting paid then it is time someone at HUFC was put on criminal charges for the contract he was given. I understood Hignett had been paid but the talk today was that he is still on the payroll. Now Harrison in his leave of absence is still on a contract. How the hell can a club that hasn’t got a pot to P1§§ in be able to cover wages for these people?

The more you hear, the more you get the impression we are “GOOSED.” Evidently the Swedish millionaire Daniel Kindberg is taking a couple of weeks to decide whether to take us on. Sorry Daniel, but we just don’t have the time to wait.

With the assistant manager on gardening leave, why did he not act like an assistant manager and take the job on? Or does he know more than the fans know about the financial situation. Even the goalkeeping coach did a runner, and the fitness coach went to a job away from football while he had the chance. I hope I am wrong but it certainly looks like the end of the line.

Last Saturday we had struggled and won three-two but at least we played a bit of football in the process. Today was a real eye opener, probably the worst start to a game I have ever seen - abysmal, dire, chronic, diabolical, down right shoddy.

I'm not sure if Bates was to blame but he is in the hot seat that no one else at the club would take up. The only good thing in the game was a double strike from Woods and Cassidy but the ball was blocked both times as it spun up in the air, hit the post and went out for a corner. I think there was one other shot by Woods but can’t swear to that.

With the financial situation we are in, can we bring in another manager? Are we in fact allowed to bring in a manager when we are on the edge of liquidation? Names being bandied about this week such as Paul Ince looks as if they are all  out of the window. We all know that Ronnie Moore is still a popular choice but is he daft enough to come back with the club in this state?
"we need some new players, new ideas and more than a bit of luck"

Another of the names, and a face at the Vic today, was Lee Clark, but he turns up every time Pools are looking for a manager.

Ebbsfleet were the better side today, and we could have been down four or five nil at half time as they played us off the park. A first-half strike was enough for Ebbsfleet United to take all three points on a disappointing afternoon. We never got a look in on the ball other than belting it away. It was one-way traffic for the visitors and we helped their cause by being very poor on the basics.

Not a good week to be a Poolie and I just hope someone is coming in soon as we need some new players, new ideas and more than a bit of luck.

One notable incident today was the substitution late in the game for the visitors. The man coming off was down near the corner flag duping the ref to give them what looked like their sixty-eighth free kick of the game when his number came up. He went to the ground and feigned injury, taking an age to walk across the pitch to leave the game. Even the ref caught up with him and told him to get off and he complained to the ref that his injury was so severe that he could not walk any faster. The official just smiled at him and let him take his time. It is time that something was done about the time wasters and the amount of divers in this division is absolutely ruining the games but it looks as if the officials are party to it all. Whinge over.

Lets hope there is another game next week but the Ditchburn Poolie reckons we have two games left and that is it. I was wondering why the schools penalty shoot out today seemed to have been rushed, and I concluded that it was to make sure the winners and runners-up got their trophies before the gates closed.