Lowest of the Low


WITHOUT a win since November we are now officially at our lowest point in the club's history, although events off the field far outshadow the garbage that is being produced on it.

With the finances in a truly shocking state thanks to a succession of conmen, chancers and shytehawks having their grubby little paws on the club. Thanks Ken Hodcroft for finding not one bunch of crooks to sell the club to, but two. If he had taken as long to pick out the best buyers as he did to pick a manager we would not be in the position we now find ourselves in.

In all this gloom there is one bright spot in Rachel Cartwright and her JustGiving page. Nice to see someone had the right idea to do something while the various Trusts and Friends Groups sat on their hands while the club was dying. Well done, Rachel.

It looks like our knight in shining armour businessman Chris Musgrave discovered enough bad things in the books to withdraw his interest. It appears from a distance that Pam Duxbury has something to hide. Allegedly a Chartered Accountant she has had eight months to produce the accounts and to say where the money has gone and failed to do so.
"What has been particularly galling is the lack of information coming from Pools' official website."

While all the bad things are going on behind the scenes manager Craig Harrison is escaping the flak. Now officially the worst Pools manager ever alongside Bobby Moncur we have got to the end of January and he is still including Xavi Featherfanny and Scott Harrison in his side and can't understand why a poor team humps four goals past us.

He has finally woke up to the fact that if he plays another striker up front with Jake Cassidy we are capable of scoring goals. All he needs now is to shore up the defence but I doubt that will be his problem for much longer. The money for Connor Simpson came in handy for us although the figures mentioned were obviously not enough. But considering Harrison wouldn't play him when he was here, he wasn't helping us. With the rabble he has on the field and how the Fat Lad whinges about not having enough players, he shamefully ignores Jack Blackford, Tomi Adeloye and Josh Hawkes.

Perhaps the club's strangest decision when so short of money was to keep Keith Watson at Victoria Park when he got injured and was going to be out for a while. Instead of sending him back to his parent club we kept him on our payroll and nursed him back to fitness. And when he was fit he returned to Scotland meaning we had no benefit from the deal.

What has been particularly galling is the lack of information coming from Pools'  official website. They are quite happy to take money in from any source or any other club but won't say how much we owe or where the money has gone. What a bunch of Shysters!