Life Support


In the present circumstances, Pools are close to death. Everyone is praying for a miracle cure but expecting the life support system to be switched off, and sooner rather than later.

We know from experience that finding that miracle cure - in the form of a rich saviour prepared to identify and pay off enough of the club's accumulated debt to satisfy the creditors, will be a hard task. IOR spent a couple of years trying to offload Pools, and none of the subsequent owners have been the sorts of investors (or in all cases non-investors) that would secure any sort of future for the club.

The Hartlepool United Supporters' Trust was set up against this background of moneyless owners getting rid of the club to equally moneyless new owners, in order to be there to help in any way should the worst come to the worst - which it now probably has.

Unfortunately the Trust's very existence seems to have caused huge controversy in some quarters and I am unable to understand quite why; however, understanding that is for another day. This has now blown up out of all proportion during the present crisis.

In situations such as these, emotions run high, and the life support analogy is fairly close to the mark. To most of us, Pools is one of our loved ones and were it our parent or child we'd be fighting to prolong his or her life as much as we could, even when the doctors and common sense said there was no hope.
"Everyone is praying for a miracle cure but expecting the life support system to be switched off, and sooner rather than later"

So well done to everyone involved in the Just Giving campaign, which achieved its object of buying some time. But however great the determination, the same thing being repeated in February, March and April is unlikely, and with May and June being the close season, fund raising would be even harder, yet the players (and the far too many hangers-on) would still need paying in those months too. So the current position is unlikely to get us to the end of the season, which will probably see us relegated again unless not one but two miracles happen.

The brief few days when we thought Chris Musgrave was the answer to our prayers now seem a long time ago. No doubt things will all drag out for another few weeks before something is decided, or at least announced. In the meantime all we can do is watch that little green monitor and hope it keeps beeping.